June 4th, 2004

wild rose


The 3rd was Darkside's dad's birthday. I sent an e-mail.

Today, the 4th, is also wiseheron's birthday. garnetdagger, Naomi, Marah, and I will be (physically) 24 as of sometime this evening.

My plans are still largely undefined. I'll send an e-mail off in Darkside's direction, then just see what falls out. It's payday, so a trip to the bank is probably in order. I haven't got a blue-and-gold scarf, so I won't look like a Ravenclaw, but does that really matter? If nothing else, I may wind up getting together with trystan_laryssa, if no one else. The Viking's car was totaled, you see, and as a good virtual sister to him, my roommatesis will be shuttling him around to his assorted errands.


My schedule is utterly unsettled, which is OK as I hadn't had one in the first place...
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Return of the Lunatic's Computer (continued)

Say hello to Mr. Google Toolbar! Say hello to Mr. Spybot Search & Destroy! Say hello to Mr. AdAware!

One happy Lunatic, yes. When I wake up, maybe I'll go about installing my chat program(s), now that I have the good stuff on here.

Or maybe I'll install the productivity things (word processors and the like) on, first...

And I need to still set up my directory structure for my personal files the way I want it.
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loud fayoumis

"I don't like children" and rudeness

It occurred to me that many if not most of the problems with children that people who don't like children have can be covered by "I don't like rude people" as well as it can be by "I don't like children".

Granted, there are some uniquely annoying childish things, such as having a screaming meltdown in a public place at the expense of the ears of parent/guardian/onlookers, that "rude people" doesn't include. That's a part of having kids that no one enjoys. Some have learned to deal with it better than others -- I ran into a lady on the bus who was smacking her children for every little thing. Not the kid who was having the meltdown, granted, but ... ugh. Any parent/guardian who can emerge from a kid meltdown in public scenario without yelling at the kid louder than the kid or making with the spanking, I count as a saint, and possibly beyond human. (Or, maybe, with the patience of a saint, or with nothing they can really do besides shut up to make the situation better...)

But I digress.

Children talking loudly and repetitively about something far too close to you? Allow me to introduce you to the former co-worker of a friend, "TMI Woman", who goes on and on about personal issues, much too loud, on the phone with assorted friends, on company time. Kids babbling at the tops of their lungs? Could turn it down. TMI Woman? Could turn it down.

Someone complained about children on a train watching movies on one of those small DVD players. No headphones. I ran into a man on the bus doing the same thing. It's just as annoying when an adult does it.

I'm sure there are other things that those who are disposed to think of children with annoyance think of as typical child behaviours, reinforcing their poor opinion of children, that are also annoying and rude when adults do it. Anyone care to fill in some that I've missed?

There are some things that kids just do when letting their hair down and being kids. Kids playing together outside, or at home, are bound to be noisy. Excited small children shriek. Kids think it's hilarious to repeat the same thing over and over and over. (Some adults do too. It can be trained out of kids, witness the Little Fayoumis. Adults... agggggh.)

I know I'm probably missing some things, because I'm OK with kids for the most part. I'm OK with kids who have someone responsible for them with them who is keeping them within the bounds of situational politeness. I'm OK with kids who are on their own and behaving themselves. I am OK with being responsible for keeping kids within the bounds of situational politeness. I am sympathetic to the plight of responsible parties who have a kid who has progressed past the bounds of situational politeness due to circumstances beyond anyone's immediate control. I am not OK with kids who are not being kept within the bounds of situational politeness due to the inattention, apathy, laissez-faire attitude, or absence of responsible parties. I am nervous around babies because I have a thing about meaningful interaction with another person being based on the ability to converse.

So. Um. Thoughts?
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Whining in LJ

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birthday day update

Missed breakfast. Got my paycheck. Went with gang to pick up Sis's paycheck. Hit bank in Tempe. Hit Subway. Hit Bookman's in Mesa. Got The Artist's Way, Miss Manners' guide to Ettiquite in the New Millenium (or some such), and Three men in a Boat . Sis got me Driven to Distraction. I've been eyeing that one since meeting pyrogenic.

I was more awake by this time, and ventured a cunning plan: we stop by home and then hit Prisoner of Azkaban.

The traffic on the freeway caused a change of plan: AZ Mills mall immediately. So, here we are. 5:06, awaiting the movie.

Theatre is filling up.

Bounce, bounce.

What do you call three red and grey/brown birds lounging in the sunlight? Basking robins.

Am silly.
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fangirl, _schools4303


So excited.

Movie. Family. No Blondie, though.
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