June 5th, 2004

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Further "whee, birthday" moments --

Came home to a friends page full of birthday wishes. Whee! I feel so special! I've been feeling special all day.

Despite getting only four hours of sleep, which is usually a precursor to a really shitty day, this has perhaps been the best birthday I've ever had, with only a few moments of stress/crabby/grouch, most of which weren't mine.

The Doom Toll:

  • Gas pump broken, people in front slow to leave

  • Two (2) miscommunications regarding scheduling and plans (worked out within three minutes peacefully)

  • Construction blocking the way to the bank

  • Getting slightly lost while looking for other bank

  • One (1) miscommunication while waiting for bank, involving being busy, and kid bathroom urgency

  • Slight kerfuffle regarding where to eat

  • Slight kerfuffle caused by needing to eat lunch really bad

  • Traffic on the freeway being a little stiff

  • Nasty cramped neck muscles (marxdarx's)

  • Getting medium-lost while headed to AZ Mills mall (turning around instead of going to home and then Metro)

  • Several amused disagreements about who was paying for what

  • Kid in mildly scary movie

  • Tired people after long, fun day

  • Two (2) migraine headaches, one of them belonging to the driver

  • Assorted insane other drivers throughout the day

In short, it was a pretty normal day as far as mild "bleh" moments go. I had to search my memory to come up with them, because the overall mood of the day was excellently festive. Paychecks (large juicy ones), a happy lunch together, a delightful trip to a huge used book store, getting books I've wanted for ages, seeing a movie I've been anticipating, and having it live up to my expectations, spending time with almost all of my here-family, singing happily and nonstop after the movie got out ("Something Wicked This Way Comes", of course) (and of course, now that I'm singing, my cat is singing along with me...), visiting Black Market Minerals and looking at all the shiny things, having a well-behaved kid in tow enjoying himself, and of course all the good wishes from my friends...

Yep. I'm happy.

And I didn't even have any cake. Nor a spanking.
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Marah wound up coming out for a little while in the middle of the day. Little Fayoumis is very exceptionally perceptive, and noticed the shift nearly right away. Marah parses as sad to him, which makes perfect sense.

She had to come out, because first I hadn't had enough sleep, and second -- it's her birthday too.

We all enjoyed the movie.
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The Sorting Cat

So, there's a kitten stuck up in a tree. The responses from the various Hogwarts houses?

Gryffindor? Rush over to the tree, climb up to attempt to rescue the kitten.

Hufflepuff? Using teamwork, grab an end of the limb and have many people hang on to bend it low enough so that someone can be lifted up high enough to reach the kitten (and the stuck Gryffindor).

Ravenclaw? Pick some wild catnip and find a ladder and attempt to entice the kitten down. (The Gryffindor is also out of reach of the ladder by now.)

Slytherin? Borrow someone's cellphone and call the fire department to come and effect the rescue. Take all the credit for being the level-headed one while the rest of the people were rushing about in general distraction.
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In which I don't lust over the potential adult Tom Felton anymore

As my friends list may have heard to death, HP 1 and 2 Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) looked like he could mature into someone with Darkside's slender, almost foppish good looks.

Since there was enough time for a young teenager to turn into a not-so-young teenager, I found that dear Malfoy no longer looked, in Prisoner of Azkaban, like Darkside. No.

Instead, he looked far too much like my ex-friend-with-benefits, my high school best friend That Idiot Shawn.

It was the chin and the hair that did it. Tom Felton's eyes are more intense blue than Shawn's grey, but they have the same wide chin that dominates the face. Tom doesn't have as wide a mouth, nor as unique a nose, but he sports the same haircut in that movie that Shawn did throughout high school and a year or so after. Not only that, but their hair is the same color.

Let me explain. Shawn had, from the time I met him, dark brown hair just a shade lighter than my own. He wore it in that center-parted cheekbone-length cut by the end of high school. The year following that, Shawn had his mop bleached to that self-same blazing platinum blond. (His mother warned me before I saw the new 'do, so I didn't scream or faint.)

The resemblance didn't come out in the stills I saw from the trailers, but in the actual movie, it was startling and could have been stomach-churning. I am happy in that at least Malfoy and Shawn are sufficiently dissimilar in character so that the physical, and one glorious moment in a scene with Hermione, were the only things in common.

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Tom Felton's resemblance to Shawn is both amusing and very, very scary.