June 7th, 2004

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Color schemes...

Doing community admin work. One of my policies on the communities that I administrate as primary head honcho is that deleted journals don't stay. Deleted journals on the userinfo page of a community say to me that the community's admin is probably not active, and also that those people who are in the community are the sort of people who are likely to delete their journals. Deleted journals in large numbers, you see, are strongly associated with the sort of D-R-A-M-A that no sane person really wants to be around. And it's just tidier.

But at any rate, I've tweaked the color scheme on templeravenmoon to be something other than the default. Hooray the Temple.
Housewife's Lament

GIP: Housewife's Lament

Meet my new icon. Image: isolated rock, waves. Words: from the lyrics of the song "The Housewife's Lament".

Anticipate seeing this icon on posts discussing housework, and the woes associated therewith, and also on just general household things. Also anticipate seeing this icon on posts involving feelings of isolation. I hope there aren't too many of those.
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Dream: Precious/Anakin/Padme

Dreamed a sort of weird Harry Potter universe, where I think I was either a neutral observer or Hermione. There was slash going on. theferrett was in charge of a very, very weird Weasley House, with a bunch of very odd and silly House Rules. They were sensible and charming in context.

Then I was going somewhere to do something, and ran across my Pretty (who had mid-back hair, for whatever reason, and another girlfriend as well as me) and said hi. Then there was library stuff, and I went onto this island that was a community center with her.

There was this young man there, and he had something and was trying to make it work, and it was a Force-rod from his racer, but it was a dangerous one, but it had become precious to him, and he was trying to use the power of it, but it was going all wrong, and finally, in trying to contain it, he became badly injured. Then I woke up.
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