June 13th, 2004

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Lyrics plus Google -- wonderful things.

The song that I've been liking the beat of since I first heard it is "No One Knows", by Queens of the Stone Age. I love Google. Why did I not think of this two years or whatever ago when I liked the beat but could only remember fragments of lyrics and the music?

Sometimes, for a geek, I am still stuck in the stone age. But I was thinking of a more elaborate solution -- a music search engine, something that could take a fuzzy input of someone's guess at a tune, and see what came back. Or an image search engine, that could take an image input. (Does anyone know what the image that looks cross between a heart and a five-pointed star means? It's probably either religious or a band thing, but I have no clue which.)
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Slack at work

Today is insanity. I am pulling a double shift. I synched my palmtop before I left for work, so I was able to read the public, uncut bits of my friends page. Hooray technology.

I have the slack time to type this at work now, as the dialer just came up with a very unique problem (numbers, no dialing) and we are awaiting a dialer reset. othercat, be sure to bring a book/paper/pen in case the dialer goes down, as that is boring as anything.

Yesterday I learned that almond oil makes a great solvent for ballpoint pen ink on a smooth/shiny surface. (Someone had scribbled on the calendar above/beyond the usual circling of paydays/crossing out past months. My perfume oil has an almond oil base.)

There is much slack. People are gossiping mightily. I am happily well away from any individuals who frequently have malicious gossip. *coughmrbittercough*

How much slack is there in your day?
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Wound up stopping in at the local vitamin/health shop for more of my good friend Lactase.

My new job came up, and evidently the nice lady there knows Mr. Bitter. Shecthinks he's a very nice, sociable guy. Amazing what a difference not working with him makes.

I imagine he's quite delightful and bracing in homeopathic doses.
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We were told at ten to take an hour break. This, after over half an hour of sit-and-wait.

I did pick the right day to pull a double shift. They are going to be really wanting people to stay for the second shift today.

Maybe I can pull more double shift Sundays now.
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Return of the Slack

Bob is strong with us today. It is now 11:33, and the computer/phone system has been down since 9:25 or earlier.

In the meantime, I'm pretty. This is because of laundry day. A V neckline looks much better on me than my usual high collar.

System may be coming up.
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This is getting a little old. Almost done with the Sandman book, and done with Svaha.

The guy next to me is too friendly. I am probably too studious to entertain him.
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