June 14th, 2004

loud fayoumis


So a friend described a friend of theirs to me -- sounded like some kind of hellish bipolar arrangement. When the person loves you, they love you, no holds barred -- and when they're having a bad day, they hate you and will say and do the worst things imaginable (from the description) -- but once they're having a good day again, all the rage and bile is gone and they love you once more, though the next time they're having a bad day, the same issues will come out and you'll get screamed at on the same topics once more.

Remind me to avoid the fuck out of the friend-of-a-friend. I have no reasons to be bound to this person, and I don't need any reasons to be bound to this person, and I don't want any reasons to be bound to this person. I informed my friend that their friend and I need to stay fairly far away from each other. Evidently, according to my friend, the way to keep yourself sane when the person goes on one of their things is to just not get too close.

Damn straight I'm not getting close. I know my limits, and I know that being around someone who's going on like that is going to bring out the worst in me, and that sort of thing is the very bad worst that I don't think even Darkside has seen that much of.

That's the sort of person that makes both my inner absolute mental case and my inner priestess perk up ears. The mental case is seeking a kindred spirit to scream lungs out at/with. The inner priestess is hearing a couple calls for help loud and clear, and wants nothing better than to get in the middle of it all and sort it out and make it all better and dispatch hugs to those who need it, and white light where applicable. (Or blue light, or red light, or a few old-fashioned kicks in the arse and maybe a chewing up one side and down the other.) But the Preservation Self, the one I need to listen to more, says: "Getting involved will ruin your ability to help, and will fuck with you and your household majorly." So since that's the override vote (and Darkside would probably throw his vote on top of the override from common sense), then I'm staying the fuck away.

Pity, really. It sounds like the good days friend-of-a-friend has a lot in common with me.

What I can and will do, very happily: stay out of the situation, and offer hugs, petting, comfort, and a shoulder to my friend when the friend-of-a-friend is delighting in stirring up as much trouble as one person can even begin to stir.
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I woke up to find the router down. Angrily, I power cycled. Then I couldn't ping it. turned out I was pinging the wrong thing.

Still can't remember the network password for the thing, and gods alone know TFM is somewhere.

Some days, I do earn my geek badge. Some days, I don't. Some days, I earn it through sheer dumb luck.
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