June 15th, 2004


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Took a few hours for myself this morning, and thus didn't go into work until scheduled in at 3. Part of that was due to having stayed up late, as I'd gone to see trystan_laryssa, dustraven, and also Loren and the Mad Scientist after work let out early yesterday, didn't get home until nearly 10, and then spent serious girl-talk time with trystan_laryssa until she headed home -- and then I had to do my laundry! By the time she left, giggliness was holding off the heat-migraine, and when she left, the giggliness crashed. Note to self: don't spend so long over there next time, and also do the handkerchief/ice thing. It's a health thing!

Loren is their GM, and a co-worker, and the Mad Scientist is dustraven's son.

Today was not half so bad for the crashing. I was on the study that I'm usually on these days, but on the far more picky about demographic group end of it. I was one of about three on the job, so the dialer was glacial.

There was some crashy near the end, and right around break time, but it wasn't particularly bad. I did get the notecard that I'd been meaning to make made up, though I'm going to have to wait on the GBRH notecard.

It was a restful day at work, at any rate. I got some housekeeping work done with my palmtop, got some things scheduled nicely, wonked around with due dates for to-do tasks, and the like. Now I'm trying to figure out how to type with a cat on my lap. eris_raven's never been much of one for snuggling, before, so this is sort of weird. Now she's climbing onto my desk, which may or may not be good precedent. She's sniffing everything, and purring about it. Her incision looks OK, though I'm not an expert.

Tomorrow: bleeding, then working extra.
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Plotting... TRIP!

The countdown starts.

Today is Tuesday, June 15. I leave for Alaska on Thursday, July 01. That's just long of two weeks.

I already have some lists. Now I have a plan for what I'll do when I come back.

See, my Thursday nights are taken. I meet up with freshstartwrite on Thursdays. Yet I'm traveling to and from Alaska on Thursday night. BAH, I say!

So, I went to my happy local bus website and figured out that if I can collect my bags and be at the correct bus stop within half an hour of the plane's scheduled arrival time, I can hit writing group (with all my baggage) and catch the last half hour, not to mention the traditional social hour afterward.

Too cool.
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Lunatic no brain -- terminal error.

Heh. One should always check the terminal before making bus route decisions, shouldn't one. You see, while there are bus stops at terminals 3 and 4, there are no known city bus stops at terminal 2.


This may upset my plans mightily, or may not. This all depends on the swiftness of baggage retrieval, and the timing of the inter-terminal shuttle bus. I'll want to go eastbound from Terminal 2 to Terminal 3, and then hop the westbound Red Line. I probably won't get the early one, and I should not take the 6:23 Red Line, because that doesn't go all the way.

I did send a note off to the valleymetro webmaster about my wish for a palmtop application to handle all this. Mmm, yummy, palmtop bus schedules.
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A yearly event...

I did this last year, and I can do it this year. In fact, I think I may well do it every year.

The concept of a period of fasting, or self-denial of some kind, a regular one, is in many religions. I've seen the attraction, but never particularly participated, until one was thrust upon me last year -- Collapse )

Many religions have their period of quiet and so forth in the dead times of the winter -- Wicca's is from Samhein to Yule. I am the backwards one, so I'm declaring my time of quiet from my birthday to the summer solstice. I should probably properly declare it from Beltane to the Summer Solstice, but that's when I have Things to Do.
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The Lunatic is not yet on Gmail.


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Yahoo mail is being a pain. I got extra sleep this morning. I am going, I think, to have a Day. It may be One of Those Days. It may not be. I'm not yet sure.

Whatever it is, though, feels on the edge of epic.

Also, I'm snagging the Dew from the fridge to take to work.

marxdarx is micromanaging the summer school homework stuffs. They get along well that way, now... it's still not something I can be in the same room as.
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Life and other good things

Invited marxdarx onto Orkut. Am madly scheming abiut what I'll do once I do get a Gmail account.

I am going to make the effort to keep my personal and my professional lives separate, or somewhat so. I suppose my current primary Yahoo account is neither milk nor meat, so I can always give that to people I am meeting for the first time in neither work nor truly personal context.

Is it appropriate to include a link to one's personal web identity on the webspace where one has a professional profile?
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My father, or someone, once told me that being with the police would leave one with a cynical outlook on society, because of all that time staring up society's bum. (Only phrased more colorfully.)

I think any high-pressure job, or job in a high-pressure environment where people are apt to show their worst sides, is apt to make the person working there very full of rage and hatred...
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Gmail Lunatic

I now, thanks to tyrantmouth, have a Gmail account.

I think people can guess what username I picked.
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Typographical errors and the Lunatic

Those watching carefully may notice that the Lunatic has far more than her normal level of typographical errors in certain posts of late.

This is because the Lunatic has been typing on her palmtop in the fragments of time between time here and there, and the palmtop is not so great for not making typographical errors.