June 18th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Damn. File structure.

Brain has already been corrupted by Google. Damn it all to merry fucking hell. Sorry, Loony. But. File structure. Not when it's text AND school at the same time. I want to use a label, multilabels for multiinheritance, but, the thing, it does not work, and do not want to user a pointer. I do not like the pointers.

Someone was asking a question over in community, and so I answered it, and then I thought it was a good time to do the file structure, because they've been slacking it, but now I want to do it right, and there are not the tools on this stupid box to do it right.

I guess pointers, shortcuts, will have to do it. I do not know how I'm going to do that, though, because .. ah well, whenever it comes up it comes up. Stupid Microshits. Sorry, Loony.

running, bomb tech

Crash, dammit.

I was moving stuff around so that you can find it again and it all went crashyboom. I'll get it fixed but probably not tonight. Sorry about that. I think too much at once. Crash not good. Stupid processor. Copying I think fanfic sorting it from one thing to another thing.

File structures are not my friend, still, but they are going to be OK as long as I don't think about Gmail because that is shiny. I like shiny, and I want to put labels on all my files and put them sorted like that, but mostly in folders by primary things. Oh, and explorer.exe was what crashed, so, um, I think we'll have to reboot a little? Sorry.

Maybe we were on too long. You should shut down more often, really. And i think you might have unplugged something somewhere? No, that's just the little system tray pictures coming back. Um. Also, when are we going to update windows again? 'cause it says it wants to. Or something.
running, bomb tech

Yay big brothers!

ralmathon dropped by to see how marxdarx was doing on the commissioned animation. (Pretty well, evidently.) He was parked here when easalle dropped me off after the traditional Writing Group Dinner.

He wants me to bring fresh rhubarb back. I think I can swing that. Yay, rhubarb! Rhubarb pie! Yay!

I think he may have been a cat in a previous life. He thinks not. I pointed out that the spot right above his waistline that is just right for being scratched is the same spot that is the best spot to scratch on eris_raven. He grumbled at us.

Likes big brothers. Our cat-brother!

(The Little Fayoumis refers to shammash as his cat-brother. It's only fair that I claim one too.)
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Fayoumis friends

There is the distinct possibility that the Little Fayoumis may wind up having a regular playdate -- and Marx may get a temp job -- and my gamer friends may get to work the hours they need!

How it would work, if it worked, would be this:

dustaven and marxdarx would negotiate a babysitting fee at a reasonable rate lower than the normal rate of the daycare that the Mad Scientist (Dustraven's son) goes to.

The Mad Scientist comes over to play with the Little Fayoumis, with Marx supervising. (I think the two of them will require a lot less supervision than Tommy and Angelica did with the LF.) The kids are a year apart, and the extra year that the Mad Scientist has may help make up for the Little Fayoumis's bossiness. The Mad Scientist is well-behaved, from what I've seen, but may require some prompting on some things (I saw that he needed to be told three times that it was bedtime).

dustaven and trystan_laryssa go to work. With me. Yay another shift together!

The grownups see how it went, and decide whether or not to repeat it.

If all goes well, the junior fen will hit it off well.
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Sis got locked out of her car. She retrieved the spare from me at work and zoomed off.

Quoth the Little Fayoumis, who thrives on excitement the way I do, "It's a family emergency!"
loud fayoumis

work is insane

I am scheduled for 50 hours this week, and 52 next week.

Hooray for upcoming vacation!
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Spammers on LJ: a public service announcement

When getting a spam comment, remember to delete it and mark it as spam so that the spamming journal can be shut down as soon as possible.

Remember to use the red X delete button instead of the "mass action" delete function.