June 23rd, 2004

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Business Casual, or How the Lunatic is Dressing for Work Today

Today, the CEO of the company is coming in to do things and stuff. Therefore, we are requested to not wear T-shirts and shorts.

I am wearing, instead of my usual ensemble of a long-sleeved cotton T-style shirt and pants, a button-down short-sleeved shirt with a collar and pants. Buttoned up all the way. With a tie.

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Via the daily_snitch and/or quickquote: MPREG in the news

From Yahoo! Movies:
'Harry Potter' Loses Potency Atop U.S. Box Office
Sunday June 13 2:23 PM ET

Harry Potter as a devout high-schooler who gets pregnant following an unsuccessful attempt to cure her boyfriend of homosexuality, has earned $3.7 million to date. The $5 million film was released by United Artists, a unit of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc .

Heh. Mixed the two movies up, yes they did.
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I was at work today and wound up coming with a brilliant idea for a gadget. An expensive gadget, but the logical evolution of the palmtop.

I need to sit myself down with the IEEE standards for specifications for things, and design it. I need to design both the device itself and the programming that would go on it, and then I could probably sell it to the right sort of company.

If I'm motivated.

It was a diverting few hours at work, though. I got six interviews (on the study where you're lucky to get even one, up from the five that I got a break card for yesterday) and barely noticed the time passing.
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