June 25th, 2004

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Amazingly enough, Naomi came out around easalle tonight, and babbled on at some length about the newest project she's cooking up.

I really do need to snag myself a copy of the things and have her sit down with that. Maybe in my Demland folder. (Demland: professor who was talking about writing design documents, and shared the IEEE specs on writing specs.)

Lemming: who's your best friend?

My Best Friend is Darkside. Obviously. But for the purposes of this little thing, it's mamajoan
Our 23 common interests are: babylon 5, bisexuality, books, chocolate, douglas adams, gay rights, geeks, isaac asimov, lois mcmaster bujold, monty python, reading, robert a. heinlein, rocky horror picture show, science fiction, sith academy, slash, star trek, star wars, tarot, terry pratchett, user friendly, words, writing.

Not to mention that we've got the same first name.

Who is your best friend?
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Parallel universe...

Every time the TV goes on, it's like I'm walking into another universe.

I'm not at all sure that I like what goes on there.

However, I know that if I were to go into the universe that I'm thinking about walking into come next year in April -- I would go into a universe that has the door to the TV open.

Something else to put on the list of things to think about when following Alice's example down the rabbit hole...
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Insanity: the staying up late

In order to get my laundry done, I am now still awake.

Crashing will be happening in approximately 30 seconds, so that I'll be all ready for work tomorrow.

At least I'll have clean clothes to wear.

Oh, and I won't have roommates about for the bulk of the weekend. My spare time is nonexistent anyway.
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Dear LiveJournal,

This thing with the pages not loading is getting really old really fast.
running, bomb tech

LJ = dead monkey.

John: Don't know actual LD50 for ritalin, but I'm guessing it varies depending on the method of administration -- specifically, whether or not it's followed up by an assload of duct tape over mouth and nose.