June 27th, 2004

Housewife's Lament


Question: can one Lunatic go through a seven-pound bag of ice in one three-day working weekend?

Looks like the answer is going to be yes. I got ice Friday night, and the blender and I were very, very busy. Only two of the things I put together actually had any booze in, and that was only a very little. The rest was just soda and ice, and, yum. Yay me for keeping cool.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to probably use up the rest and smirk happily with my iced drink, whatever that's going to wind up being, at work, while everyone else is iceless because of the soap-spewing asshat's little trick with the ice machine.
Jolly Burner

James Bond I'm not.

*looks inquisitively at martini ingredients on web*
*looks up in top of closet*
*tries three drops of vermouth*

Hmm, not bad. Does sort of make my tongue tingle, though.

*tries two drops of gin*
*mouth goes numb for three minutes*


No, somehow I don't think I'm going to start drinking classic dry martinis with any regularity.
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When I was twenty, I was annoyed with myself, because I could express myself very well real-time in text when speaking with complete strangers, but could not do so verbally.

So, in the car on the way to work, driving through Goldstream Valley and up the hill, I re-routed my text chat output to also copy to my mouth.

I think I had a hard time for a while text-chatting after that, until I regained it sometime later after getting used to the feature.
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Work & morning

Failed to get enough sleep as per the usual. Ate actual food for breakfast. Zoomed off to work behind schedule but not late.

Ice machine is still down. Bald!Super is hung-over ("No one is logging in. No one is doing anything. Everyone is being quiet because I have a hangover. No one is logging in. We call this 'free money'. There is nothing better than free money.") and joined me briefly in bitching about the ice machine situation. He didn't know anything more about it than I did, and wondered why anyone would be so benightedly stupid as to contaminate an ice machine that they would in fact want to use later. I mentioned that my friends had thought that it might have been someone who was quitting.

Maybe the ice machine said something about their mother.

Bald!Super said that it might take a while to fix, as it would have to go through Management, and Management would probably be of the "let them wait because they don't appreciate it" mindset.

Next, a petition to Management from the phone goons about how much we appreciate and miss the ice machine.

8:45. More free money. Coffee is good. Collapse )

Bord now. Will read friends page on palmtop.
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John: "Woo-hoo?" (*smirk*)

Elynne: At least you did find out that the kitling discovered the stash. Imagine the Inexplicable Kitten of Doom!

Bibble: I'm going to download & give it a listen. Your description is fascinating.

Pretty: Hope you got things done, eggs seen to, and The Slpee!
grin & duck -- friends, grin & duck


I was thinking last night: what if there was a community for deliberately bad fannish image manipulation?

It would be called, obviously, pastede_on. (is that taken yet?)

Think it would fly? I'd want just silly, not überwank.
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Rave Time

At work. Guess what's happening? *starts a lightswitch rave*

Dustraven, Motley, and Trystan Laryssa are around. Yay! But they are not sitting next to me. Boo.

Bored. I should write or read. These people bore me.

The TMI still hurts. Ow, ow, ow. Actually LJ-cut a verbal conversation with Othercat. That was amusing. Sang a bleeped-out version of the FCC Song for Motley, much to the amusement of my neighbor the receptionist here (who also downloaded the song).

The system. Is down. The system. Is down. The system. Is down. The system. Is down. The system. Is down.
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grammar bitch

Down the rabbit hole

They're pulling people off of lower-priority jobs and putting them on the major jobs. We're going to be here a while.

These people booooooooore me.
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