June 29th, 2004

old school hacker, bug


I noticed, and other people on the friends page noticed -- LJ is not sending some comment emails. I had a comment from theferrett that I noticed belatedly, and a comment from acheron_hades, ditto.

I shudder to think what else might be lurking in my high-volume basement.
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All in the timing...

He and I were King and Queen of the Library Monkeys. He had comedic timing down perfectly. He made himself a walking joke, and I supplied his lines, quietly, backstage, and he got the laugh when he delivered them.

I got to watch the process. I'd make a snarky quip on a current event to him, he'd laugh, then he'd make his rounds of the school. I trailed behind as he swished his black trench coat and marched to the far corners of the school, royalty visiting the courtiers and peasants. At each stop, he'd make conversation, work the line in, get his laugh, and ponce off. I heard my quip five times a day. It stopped sounding so fresh after the third time. He was careful to not repeat the line to the same group of people. I don't know how he kept track of it.

He told me that we made a great team. I had the gift of words, to come up with these lines, and he had the comedic timing, to pull them off.

I still have my words, and I'm sure he still has his timing.

Happy Birthday, Fuzzy Modem.
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The Declaration of Technical Disobedience

old school hacker, bug

Wearing my night shift...

Called in at 12:30 to check on the status of the night shift. Unknown. The office person said try back at 2.
Tried back at 2. Still unknown. Try back in ten minutes.
Tried back at 2:11. All lines busy, leave a message.
Tried back at 2:15. The 3pm shift comes in at 4:30, have a nice day.


Unscheduled nap, happening in... now.
old school hacker, bug

*lightswitch rave*

3:32. A call from the office. Guuuuuss what? *throws lightswitch rave, finishes nap*

I'm not scheduled in tomorrow, because I'll be packing to go home to Alaska for vacation, but if I do have time to, you know, come in and work, that would be awesome and I should give the office a call...