June 30th, 2004

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Goths at night, walking

Everyone knows it's a bad plan to walk near a road at night while wearing pitchest black. The Lunatic, however, blithely does that exact thing, as most of her clothes are black, and she generally doesn't bother to put on anything brighter when wandering out at night.

Our goth-chic sensibilities have finally found a sweet technical solution to the problem. Instead of wearing *gasp* white -- there's this little sweet electronic device. It's a heart made out of that jelly goop stuff that's such great fun to make kids' toys out of. Inside, it has blinkety electronics, strobing eye-hurting LED pulses. It's on a string, and you can wear it around your neck.

By spinning it in circles, I have determined that none of the LEDs are actually on at the same time. I have also determined that the original loop of jelly was insufficiently strong to hold the entire weight of the heart while it was spinning. (Ooops.) Fortunately, it was easy to find in the dim corner between the cat carrier and the binder because it was blinketing merrily at me.
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Personality Test:

I like this result.


You are a WRDF--Wacky Rational Destructive Follower. This makes you a hacker. Your thirst for knowledge can be damaging to your possessions--you like to take things apart, even if you then forget to put them back together. You demand respect and, no matter how much you are respected, seldom feel it is adequate. You are tenacious, and will stick to a task long after weaker minds have given it up.

Socially, you are awkward, and get into arguments and make people uncomfortable. One recommends counting to ten, holding back comments unless warranted, and listening more than speaking. Still, your no-holds-barred approach to socialization can be strangely endearing, as long as you are funny and self-deprecating.

You feel misunderstood, and you probably are.
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Another day in Loonyville

Woke, crashed, woke, crashed. Finally actually woke, got caught up on my online-type life, then zipped out the door to work. At work, I handed in the note that will make it possible for all of the financial stuff to tick along merrily, and then socialized while cooling down with othercat, who was on early shift today. Figment was also around, and we failed to scare him off with my evil SA/Potter crossover.

They'd been doing sit-and-wait in the break room; when they got called in (either to work, or to sit-and-wait in their booths) I departed, and headed to the plasma place.

One of these days, I have got to see Swordfish all the way through. I've seen the beginning, the end, and probably parts of the middle. Today I saw the end, and the beginning of Back to the Future. Much silliness.

I seem to have misplaced my bus pass. This was annoying, but not a crisis, as it's the end of the month anyway.

I went shopping. I'd intended to get lunch meat and frozen spinach, but I instead wound up with lunch meat, frozen spinach, something for Mama, something that will be for FatherSir after I spend a few quality minutes with his fonts and Asimov (the venerable industrial-sized HP laser printer, named for the volume of material it's printed over the years), breakfast cereal for the little Fayoumis, and More Stuff (all at least vaguely necessary).

By the time I got to the bus stop, I was ready to fall over. Bad fayoumis needs to pack something more edible in her purse.

But, home, and after I've cooled off more, I'll pack for real.