July 1st, 2004

running, bomb tech

State of the Lunatic

Arizona. But at this time tomorrow, it's going to be Alaska.

Also: exhausted. I need to get laundry in and pack and all that jazz, as I am leaving at who the fuck are you kidding in the morning tomorrow.

So far to do:
pack pants
pack shirts
pack socks
pack underthings
pack the thing for Mama
pack the thing for FatherSir
make sure the red duffel is as decatted as possible
arrange new nest for the eris_raven
put away laundry
clean out purse
lay out clothing
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    just been kissed by Rogue
running, bomb tech

Trip things:

Put on watch.
Select any jewelry you may want to wear there.
Empty purse entirely, sort what goes back in.
Toss another tank top and underwear into backpack.
Toss little pillow into backpack.
Make sandwiches. Pack lunch. Pack antacids also, as will be still dealing with C.
Sync palm. Bring. Also bring charger.
Toss book in backpack for plane.
Empty cat box.
Don't wear the clompy shoes, and stick the nice flats in the duffel.
Take the red duffel as well as the grey one (ha)!
Kiss the LF goodbye.
Take phone card.
running, bomb tech

AzureBlue backdated

Joanie no baka forgot a paper journal. Remembered palm & charger, though, and probably paper in backpack. Brain dead.

However, I do have cherries and Cherryh, so all is well.
running, bomb tech

AzureBlue backdated: Game Boy Quote of the Morning

Quote of the morning:
Situation: two small children. One is playing Game Boy, one is observing.
Observer, suddenly: "Don't kill the bad guys."
His brother evidently ignores him.
Little kid, screaming: "DON'T KILL THE BAD GUYS!"
It's evidently naptime. Screamer is about four, and was Talked To quietly and firmly by mother.
running, bomb tech

AzureBlue backdated: homeward bound

That flight from phx to sea had crying babies. Plural. Then from sea to Anchorage -- I slept. Now, homeward bound. 41 minute hop, already leveled off, not quite yet descending. I am very good at discerning up from down on airplanes now. I love flying.

How to have a good flight? Have a happy peaceful air mage on board.