July 3rd, 2004

Housewife's Lament

LJ comments, again; also, householdery

LJ's comments aren't mailing out properly, as of sometime last night, I'd say around 12:15 or thereabouts.

In other news, Ginger's mom dropped by and had a nice long hen-talk with Mama. I gave her my e-mail address so that she can give me Ginger's boyfriend's address and I can e-mail him and he can relay messages between Ginger and me.

Room cleaning tally today: not so good. I did sort out a bucket of assorted random stuff. A good chunk of it was fandom-related, so it went in that box, some of it I'm keeping, and a large portion I'm putting in my father's box of random stuff (kid treasures).

FatherSir picked up some loratadine for me, given that I'm sneezing my head off. Ugh. Smoke bad. sithjawa, it's now cleared off so it's less smoky than it was when I was visiting you, but it's still pretty icky.
Eris Raven, Marah

Because it's so random (lemming), also, cats.

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Somehow, I don't think shammash and I will ever take that turn in our relationship to each other. I think we're going to stay in the human/familiar roles, and that'll be fine with both of us.

Speaking of which, the whole "parent of pets" thing is sort of weird. I can see how having a dependant animal puts one in a quasi-parental role, with the making of decisions, the care and feeding, and so forth, but pets don't exactly grow up and leave home, unless you're a rehabilitator, in which case they're more clients than they are pets. (What do rehabilitators call the animals they work with, anyway? Is there a specialized term?) And if you raise an animal from its childhood, you are in more of a parental role, but many of the people I notice using the parental terms to refer to their relationship with the critters may not have done this.

But you don't tend to have to nag a pet to clean its room or do its homework, just to stop barking and/or get off the damn counter already, as you're shedding on the toaster. (shammash sits on the toaster, the daft cat.)
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Coffee house

In the college coffee house. Having fun. Finished the latest installment of "A Cup of Time" to read at writing group.

Also wrote a short piece inspired by recent events. Hee, hee, I'm evil. Sekrit message to 'Song: I should buy myself a bottle of wine.

Internet cafe time almost up. Ah well. One drink gets fifteen minutes. I like my hot chocolate. Yay, hot chocolate.
Eris Raven, Marah

Wine & rosewater

FatherSir brought home some assorted flavorings from his trip to Grandma's. There were three bottles of pomegranate something, one bottle of orange blossom, and one bottle of rosewater.

He's been trying to find something that rosewater would go well in as a flavoring. I put it in some tea, and that tasted very nice.

I wonder what else besides tea would taste nice with rosewater. I have some at home. I've mostly been using it as a perfume.

Tonight I'd really like to spend the night back in my Arizona apartment. I have a hot tub there, there are no mosquitoes there, I have a blender and ice and soda and wine there, I have a fast internet connection there, I have my LJ client on a computer with more than 2 or 3 gigs of hard drive space there (these computers are ancient), and I have all of my clothes there. Oh, and my bed's there.

I was out, with people, you see, and being around people, just random people, drains me. I did get some nice effective writing in: the two bits that I mentioned, plus some nice offline journal with very sweet randomness. I am much in favor of journal randomness, because there is all sorts of randomness in people's brains.

I probably have about an hour of room-cleaning left in me tonight. There are all sorts of unexpected things from my former life in drawers. Marah is excited to see that she's getting so much of her stuff back.
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