July 8th, 2004

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In the category of "less heart-rending", Mama gave my hair a much-needed trim tonight. It's still nice and long and silky, but now it's silky all the way to the ends, and the ends aren't split. Yay! It'll probably have more bounce to it now, given that it's shorter and all.

Mmm. Pretty hair.
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Morning. Up early. Checked in, all ready to go. Didn't have to take off my shoes here.

I get to see Taily for the first time in three and three-quarters years! (It's funny -- we're both named after our hens. She's Taily and I'm Nutty. (Belgian Antwerp Quail hens, Swallowtail and Chestnut Brownie, called Nutty. ))

Half an hour until boarding.
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I can always tell, now, when the plane's leveled off and when it's rising or descending.

I also enjoy a little turbulence. It reminds me that I'm flying!
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running, bomb tech

Travel progress

Already past Anchorage. *waves* Nonstop to Seattle. Three hours, they said.

*resets watch*
running, bomb tech

Home again...

Back in Phoenix, back in the apartment. My timing as plotted out beforehand was stellar -- I got off the airplane, got my baggage, got the bus to the other terminal, got the Red Line, went to Writing Group and got there just around 7:30, had dinner with the people afterwards, and now I'm home!

My cat missed me.

My room's a mess.

Stuff I dug up out of my Alaska room will be following me in boxes. (I kept saying "boxen" out loud to Mama, but that's only the correct plural for computers, so I kept having to correct myself.)

I wrote a little piece on phoenix-type multiples on the plane. Wouldn't you know, the writing group mini-write tonight was on our alter egos...

Fun was had by all.

I had 45 messages when I opened up my inbox. Only two or three were spam. (The bulk folder has 39. Eeek.)

P. gave me a ride home. easalle got her sparkle-sweater. (Definitely unseasonable for Phoenix...)
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Computer Comparison

Well. Back from Guardian to Tigereye.

Guardian has a huge monitor.
Tigereye has a small monitor.
Guardian was built in 1994.
Tigereye was built in 2000.
Guardian has 28.8k dialup on good days.
Tigereye has DSL, routed to her smoothly from a spiffy new router.
Guardian's huge monitor occasionally has the screen go all blue, not from the OS crashing, from internal monitor problems.
Tigereye's monitor doesn't do that.
Guardian's monitor sometimes emits very unhappy beeps until it's turned off to cool down for a bit.
Tigereye's monitor doesn't do that.
Guardian has to think about every little thing it does for a bit, because he doesn't think very fast.
Tigereye sometimes has to do that too, but not half as often.
Guardian has maybe 2 gigs of hard drive space.
Tigereye has 6, and can connect to another hard drive elsewhere as well.
Guardian has Windows 98.
Tigereye has Windows 2000.
Guardian was last defragged some 1,700+ days ago.
Tigereye was defragged a few months back.
Guardian's antiviral programs were installed by Mama. (She hasn't installed any.)
Tigereye has SpyBot Search & Destroy and AdAware.
Guardian has WordPerfect and Presentations on him.
Tigereye does not.
Guardian was purchased when sound cards were an extra little option you could add. FatherSir didn't add it.
Tigereye has a sound card.
Guardian does not have room for IM programs.
Tigereye has three different ones.
Guardian has all the stuff I left there before I left.
Tigereye has some of the stuff I'd taken with me from back then, but I didn't bring any of the images. See above re: WordPerfect and Presentations.

I'm glad to be back on Tigereye.