July 11th, 2004

Jolly Burner

Work Saturday, Sunday plans

Work was weird. I was on one of the panel studies, which meant I was mostly calling people that already wanted to talk to us because they're getting paid for it. Not much downtime. Got seven or more surveys on that before we ran out of numbers for the day. Got put on demographic-specific recruitment for same panel. Had little to no luck, because in addition to being a specific ethnicity, it's also a ten year or narrower age bracket that they're looking for. Then got put on the main recruitment project for same panel, which was nicer. Still no actual luck, though. I'm generally good at that, but it was a Slow Day.

My paycheck come next Friday is going to be a very sour and sad one: it'll have my labors of today and tomorrow, given that I was out with this scratchy throat & nasty cough on Friday, gone for a week before that, and then there was no work the preceding Monday and Tuesday. Yow.

So I'll be working a double shift tomorrow, then putting in another insane two weeks to fatten the paycheck at the end of the month in compensation. (Overcompensation?) Next week is only allowing seven hours of overtime, when I usually try for twelve. Drats. Maybe they'll want more by the end of the week. But then, I could do without another double shift Sunday... not that those are all that bad when you're used to them.
Jolly Burner


The thing that made work slow was that I was falling asleep off and on throughout the day.

The thing that made work fast was that I was getting an incredible amount of stuff done and thus only had perhaps a page and a half of slack time.

The thing that made work ugly was that my nose has decided that it will drain incredible amounts of Stuff down my throat and into my lungs, because I have offended it, and if it is not cleared out by normal means (deliberate coughing, snorfing, blowing nose cleverly), it will dislodge itself by cunning and evil means: having me attempt to cough out not only my lungs but my stomach as well. Of course, since deliberate coughing, snorfing, and blowing nose are contraindicated while on a 20-minute survey, I would be seized by bouts of crippling involuntary cough-wise convulsions. While on the phone with respondents. Oh, yeah. Feel the joy.

On the other hand, I did get told by someone that I had a lovely voice.
running, bomb tech

More random weird parenting-type moments

Evidently my absence this past week had been causing the Little Fayoumis to declare how much he missed me. Today he wound up helping me start attempting to clean my room before winding up wearing my black leather jacket.

I think I'd been underestimating his attachment to me lately.
Jolly Burner

Lack of sleep is bringing me down

I may try for a double shift or not depending on how I'm feeling by end of the first shift at work today. Right now I'm exhausted and would prefer to just fall back over asleep.

If I'm still feeling exhausted by the end of first shift, no way am I staying for second. We have enough money to work things until my next paycheck, even if it does mean a little (or a lot) of juggling. Last paycheck was very well more money than I thought it would be. Paycheck before that was Enough. I'm getting ahead of things, and will probably manage to remain ahead of things here if I refrain from doing anything stupid, even with my happy vacation. Hooray, vacation.

As it stands, I need to get in some pants and a shirt. I already packed lunch. I am a complete and utter Lunatic, and need to do the things I need to do. And I need sleep, and a book to get me sanely through lunch break at work.
running, bomb tech

Offer Declined

Darkside declined my generous offer, on the grounds that it was too far away to collect, and then, besides, I'd be stuck with his until the swap was over.

And his likes golf.
silly, bunny ears

Hee, hee. Phone with Darkside, things cleared up for good, phone center fun

Called Darkside. Talked for two hours. There is much worthy of extended comparison/contrast between our respective jobs. Will be e-mailing him BOfH links. Had been relatively certain that I'd read his reactions right on one thing last year, but asked him all the same, and yes, I had read him right. His body language is none too clear to strangers at the start, and when it's muzzy because he's half-asleep (I am the QUEEN of bad timing), it's even less so.

We had happy fun talking about our workplaces. I had to give him the backstory behind my recent offer of letting him borrow something personal of mine, which was the OO Analysis & Design II final RP, so he understood the story that I'd told which led to the following issues -- context for the phrase "thirty-six inch strap-on" makes all the difference, really.
running, bomb tech

New Work Character: Master of Misinformation

Enter the Master of Misinformation, so dubbed by othercat.

I sat next to him maybe a month ago. He's a man perhaps my age or older, in that nebulous "I am a full adult and am not yet Old" age between the exit of the teen years and the onset of the beginnings of old age -- while he probably isn't fifty, his early forties is a possibility, and so is his early twenties, but I'd place him at about 35 if I had to guess. He's a little odd in that way that's very easy to spot as Probably Doesn't Think Like Most Earth People but hard to pin down the exact symptoms of. He's a little too loud, a little too outgoing, a little too non-noticing of the unwritten social codes, and moves and walks oddly. When I sat next to him, or, rather, he moved in the wallflower lineup to be sat next to me, he pushed several of my warning-buttons: not a dangerous person to be near, but the buttons that said that if I got to know him closer than I already did, that I would be dealing with a bunch of his crud that I'd neither time nor inclination to deal with.

So today he evidently gave glorious misinformation (you're supposed to fill out an error report if you cough while doing a survey? Um, no...) and then gave Attitude when he was asked to please not talk to someone while they were working.

I overheard that bit, even though I was seated maybe four chairs down. At least, I heard his half of it. One's really not supposed to be hearing one's co-workers conversations from that far away...

So. Master of Misinformation. Not malicious, but definitely someone to just stay away from...
Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Bush for President!

Dubious of Dubya? Cautious of Kerry? Vote for Vannevar!

Dr. Vannevar Bush is clearly a man with insight to understand the times. He predicted the Internet before it even happened. He has a strong background in the sciences, and everyone who loves the information age should find part of his future-oriented viewpoint to stand behind.

So, he's dead. Big deal. Vote for him anyway if you can't vote for Bush, won't vote for Kerry, and no one else on the ticket looks at all sane.