July 13th, 2004

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Character: Anne of Green Gables

Somewhere, someone was having a discussion of Anne of Green Gables, and the TV series or movie that was made as a sequel. Somewhere in there, Anne wound up (evidently) not only being a spy in the Great War, but also having an affair with someone.

Can we say out of character?

Let me tell you, if Anne had been in character and still done that, the series would have become very interesting right quick -- Marilla would have risen from her unquiet grave and ripped Anne a new one, that's how OOC it was...
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Junk food run foiled

See, this is what I get for being awake at this hour of the day. I was planning to walk to Sonic for something to eat for belated supper, but -- they were closed.

1:45 in the morning is not a good time to be closed when the Lunatic is hungry, people.

S'pose I'll just fend for myself in the kitchen.

I did have a very scary moment while trying to do this. I was walking there. Now, the Sonic is only a few hundred yards from the apartment complex -- it's closer than the Dunlap Avenue corner. But to get there, you do have to cross the canal -- and this is after 1:30 in the morning.

Daylight is one thing. But get the Lunatic in the dark with Big Scary Pieces of Equipment That Take Electricity (stoplights) when there's No One Around, and you have a very nervous Lunatic. Add in one sole person also walking at this hour, and the Lunatic is on edge, not sure if it's a fellow child of the dark hours or someone more sinister.

When the unidentified possibly-human starts crossing the street in the middle of the street, and looks like they might have their path intersect with the Lunatic's, see the Lunatic's hair bristle. When they speed up in the middle of the street and pound up behind the Lunatic where the Lunatic can't see them, see the Lunatic's fists clench in preparation to do battle.

When the unidentified person turns off and starts strolling down the canal on this other side of the street, watch the Lunatic watch them suspiciously until they're out of range, and then watch the Lunatic's blood chemistry start to crash.

So I almost got in a fight, and I didn't even get supper. Boo.
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Things our characters say to us:

"Is that enough exposition, or should I expose more?" Rose sticks her tongue out me and grasps the hem of her T-shirt with both hands, arms crossed at the elbow.
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Holy crap! Monitor!

So I come in and get directed not to a booth, but to see one of the resident Big Names. I'm figuring it's probably because I've called in twice in the last week.

"Joan, how would you like to monitor?" she asked me.

How would I? Would I ever!

So. Much ado. Shall get name badge and all. Shall duly taunt Darkside. Hee.
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Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Star Wars, Little Fayoumis Style

Little Fayoumis has only seen a few of the Star Wars movies here and there, and was very young when he saw them. He loves lightsabers, though, and his Star Wars action figures are among his favorite toys.

So he asks me to tell him about the toys every now and then.

It would be pointless for me to rehash all the entire movies and everything. He'd get bored. So I tell him about each character that he asks me about. He asked me about Darth Vader a lot. So I told him the saga of Anakin Skywalker, how he turned to the Dark Side of the Force, and how he was finally redeemed in rescuing his son.

When the Little Fayoumis plays with his Luke and Vader action figures, now, the phrase "I know what's behind the mask!" features in the dialogue extremely often.

I approve. It's like fanfic, in a way, and he's getting a look at the universe from an angle that he might never have considered if he'd only restricted himself to the way the movies looked at the characters.