July 14th, 2004

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Tooth Fairy

Tonight it was my turn to invoke the Tooth Fairy.

We'd all forgotten to replace the tooth in the baggie under the pillow with a dollar (inflation, you know) last night, and marxdarx realized this just as the Little Fayoumis was busy brushing his teeth.

"I'm on it," I said, and asked Mommy what the Tooth Fairy's going rate was these days. A dollar. I dashed into my room, fetched one of the gold-tint dollar coins from my purse, and dashed back out. The Little Fayoumis was brushing his teeth, and no way could I sneak in past him without being noticed.

FatherSir taught me, though, that one of the best ways to sneak around and do something is to appear to be doing something entirely different, publicly and unremarkably. So instead of sneaking in and looking like I was sneaking, I barged in, calling for eris_raven. Little Fayoumis hardly spared me a glance. I slipped my hand under his pillow, deposited the coin, and left, still calling the cat.

Much to his surprise when he went to bed a few minutes later, there was solid evidence that the Tooth Fairy had been through...
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Cow-Orkers & Mockery

I worked last night until the end of the shift, and thus participated in the cleaning up. I was helping with assorted random tasks, and wound up assisting in the wiping of monitor tapes.

$SUPERVISOR_OF_SUPERVISORS was wiping tapes by shoving them through the wiper on one side only.
$EXPERIENCED_MONITOR: "Aren't you supposed to wipe them on both sides?"
$EXPERIENCED_MONITOR: "Last time I did that, I got yelled at and told I was supposed to wipe them on both sides."
$SUPERVISOR_OF_SUPERVISORS: "Who told you that?"
$EXPERIENCED_MONITOR: "Rules Lawyer Monitor."
$SUPERVISOR_OF_SUPERVISORS: "So the voices in her head told her that we were wiping both sides of the tape now?"
*general laughter*

Evidently Rules Lawyer Monitor gets mostly ignored by the rest of the staff, though there is a show of listening to her respectfully when she is around, which is probably the only way to deal with her. Well, probably the only way to deal with her politely...
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Monsoon season started last night. Nice thunderstorm, with even some rain! I was Awake (lightning, plus creepy guy) and my computer was not, so I cleaned my room a bit. Things are stacked in a far tidier fashion, things are going OUT, assorted magazines are thrown out, and laundry is put away, even the lost hair ties.

Eris Raven was miffed that she couldn't get in to her usual curl-up-and-sleep spot. I think she wound up lying on the floor and just looking at me. She didn't come over to get petted when I invited her to last night.

Looking at the mess earlier, it looked like I needed gods-know-what-all in the way of extra storage organization. Looking at it now, it just looks like I need to clear off the top shelf in the closet enough to put the binders up there, clear out the closet enough to put the electronics bits in there, and get another book shelf, because I have a glorious amount of books that have no home...
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Creepy Guy

Guy knocking on my window after 1 in the morning and asking what I'm doing is creepy.

There is a fairly small shrub between my window and the sidewalk-thing going through the center of the apartment complex. There is a decent space of gravel between the bush and the pathway.

There is really no reason to be close enough to the bush to touch it. There is no reason for a stranger to be closer than the bush to my window. There is even less reason for a stranger to be knocking on my window and asking me what I'm doing.

Creepy. Go away.

I closed the blinds after that, in the guy's face.
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Korman marathon

Read This Can't Be Happening at MacDonald Hall. Working on Beware the Fish right now.

Hooray for Gordon Korman.


Based on my father's observations, my opinion-without-solid-basis of my grandmother's neighbor and friend was right on.

I was quiet, demure, and polite, and wore one of my glass masks.