July 22nd, 2004

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The Lure of Books

Instead of being a Bad Little Fayoumis and reading fanfic, I was a Good Little Fayoumis and instead read Pterry's Monstrous Regiment. I shall now adopt "thinking with one's socks" as a good description of some of garnetdagger's more impulsive and dangerous moments.

Compares favorably to Mulan and the Honor Harrington books.
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Ghosts from fandoms past

"Falling", "Humani Nihil", and "Rengyuo" -- hot, dark, evil Maul/Amidala. The one line that I remembered, the one that still makes me shiver from over six years ago, the line I sought out to make sure that it was the same fic I remembered: "If I truly take my pleasure, they shall find your pale body cold on the marble floor at dawn."

I think it was six years ago. I'm not sure. I remember that I was pretending to be older online than I actually was for a while. This was 'cause they don't let kids play with smut. I was a Good Little Fayoumis and was only looking at smut online and not actually going out and doing things that could get me in trouble.

But. Hot Maul-fic. Mmmm.
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Is there such a thing out there as a Fandom Dictionary? Sort of along the lines of the Urban Dictionary, only fen-centric?

I'm also picturing something sort of along the lines of something cross between Urban Dictionary, LJ, and Slashdot, with a little bit of E2 thrown in for good measure.

Entries: in alphabetical order, with Urban Dictionary/E2 style definitions. Comments, LJ style. Ratings on comments and definitions, Slashdot-style, with /. style threading, even, perhaps. E2-style related links at the bottom. E2 node-ranking on the entries overall. Sweet, flexible, internal search engine.

Hell, that would be good for anything, not just a fandom dictionary thing. Any thing where you've got an environment with things that need defining, and multiple users doing it, and people who want to comment on it but not define, and enough people doing it so that you need to sort out the crap from the actual content. You could even restrict people who were allowed to make definitions -- only certain users, all registered users, or even anonymous users.

Shared-universe writing.
Game design.
Program design.
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For various reasons, I've left the parenting communities I was in.
Housewife's Lament

To do Thursday:

Sync palmtop.
Write more things.
Get lunch meat.
Get bread for sandwiches for work.
Start writing that one dark thing about the head.
Clean litterbox. Take out trash.
Polish nails.
Go get cough drops, dryer sheets, St. John's Wort.
Go get an umbrella and a box of table salt.
Go to the much-deserved meetup with freshstartwrite with Daisy Miller and backpack.
Bring back grapefruit. You liked that one. That is because you only ate the sweet juicy parts. Mmm, grapefruit.
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At work the other night, the Sarcastic Monitor (I like her) was calling the Lead Monitor "woman". The Old Lady Monitor came in mid-discussion about how they were always "women", "ladies", "sweethearts", or something of the like.

I was departing. "Later, dudes," I called out.

General laughter. Commentary from the Sarcastic Monitor.
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Shopping Lunatic

The Lunatic goes to the store to get an umbrella and salt.

The Lunatic comes back with:

hair things
Arizona kiwi/strawberry drink
a replacement shower caddy (whee! All the stuff fits!)
a shiny little gift bag for the Birthday Present of Doom (belated) for Darkside
clothes hangers
a new laundry basket
another sparklyshinynot-get-hit-by-car flasher-thingy
...and an umbrella.

Arguably all needed things. Just -- not on the list. Except for the umbrella. And they didn't have salt in the right size container, so I didn't get any, as we aren't out yet.
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Victim of my own damn schedule

Went to the plasma place late. Unforseeable delays there (everyone else decided to go there then too) so I was waiting an hour and a half longer than I normally do. This made me an hour late for writing group.


Which was because of the funky bus schedule.

the songs we sing

Every now and then I just find myself singing. Evidently I have a voice for it -- untrained, but still a voice.

Tonight I've been singing snatches of the chorus from "Banned from Argo". It's a very singable little ditty.

I need to reinstall Winamp.