July 29th, 2004

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Something kicked me into gear, and tonight I not only tested my zip drive (working without need to install more drivers) but I started typing up stuff from my white notepad that I started writing in on vacation. So far I've got quite a bit of "A Cup of Time" typed up, all of "Phoenix" (dangerous MPD), "On Trolls" (dirt and stone and not good in sunlight), "The Man who Lost his Name" (the stages of life), and "Alter Ego" (more MPD, nonfiction). It's all filed away tidily in my new file structure.

Maybe I'll get something new written for freshstartwrite (fifteen and a half hours, I can do this...) beforehand, or maybe I'll just whip up something while I'm there. I really do need to do something with the zombie teeth thing.
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The trouble with my schedule is that it doesn't allow for mornings very well. I have things to do some mornings, unfortunately, and not all the things that I need to do happen at night. I would be perfectly happy to get up at noon, go to work at three (as I generally do), come home after ten, and then go about my regular business shopping and visiting the library and so forth until four in the morning. That would make me very happy. I like being inside when the sun's out. This is Phoenix. Only the local, the tourists, and the insane are abroad when the sun is doing its sunshine thing.

But in order to fit everything into my Thursdays, I'll need to be waking up in four hours, so I really should have gone to sleep as soon as my laundry was done, but I'm still awake, plus I had caffiene earlier, and caffiene stays in my system longer than alcohol does. (I had a vanilla coke and almond amaretto, see...)

So. I'm trying to occupy myself usefully while I'm awake. And I need to wake up in a timely fashion, as not only do I have errands to run tomorrow, I also have a work meeting at one...

Ah, such are the hazards of getting promoted.
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Default icon swapout

I've just swapped out my default icon again. It was Housewife's Lament for quite some time; it's now tricircle.

I'm not feeling half so put-upon with housework at the moment, nor particularly solitary, nor like I'm performing a hopeless task for all eternity. The PDA thread over at theferrett's put me in mind of my first year here and all the joy and angst that was going on then, and I figured now was as good a time as any to haul out that group portrait.
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I think part of the creativity kick is the music. I finally downloaded Winamp a while ago, and then I was cleaning up today, and I dug up my CD cases, and one thing led to another, and I wound up putting one of my archived disks of .mp3s in the computer...

Even though sometimes I avoid it, music feeds the creativity thing, sparks off ideas, makes me think I should be doing things.

I shouldn't avoid music so much. I need to get my canon playlist back on here, that's what...
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Work Meeting

Showed up at work at one for the monitors' meeting. It was nice. We went over things that I hadn't learned yet, and things about the new system. We got a chance to give our feedback on the UI of this new monitoring system; I added in my feedback. I'm the sort of user who can give useful feedback.

After the meeting, I hung out with Motley for a bit, then walked as far as othercat's apartments with her. It was a useful work day.
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