August 5th, 2004

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Abuse survivor resources

Anybody got good recommendations for resources for abuse survivors? Whatever kind of resources, and whatever kind of abuse.

I know RAINN is a big resource, and I know there are other projects scattered around, but -- I'm just clueless.

I wouldn't anticipate that particularly many of the resources would apply to me, except maybe some of the advice on coping with the aftermaths and coming to terms with it all stuff, but -- there are people, you know? And I'm one of those people who gives advice to people. And I want to have some of this on hand.

Sure, I can ask Google, but I'm feeling lazy this morning, and, more to the point, Google won't give me the particular resources that all of *you* out there think are the best.

This is one of my blind spots, and as someone people come to, I can't afford to be blind here...
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Not having the MSN Experience

azurelunatic: I have MSN DSL.
popefelix: yeah? does it suck?
azurelunatic: Not noticeably.
popefelix: well, that's good.
azurelunatic: But then, I got the tech support guy weaseled into giving me the number that the modem should dial and what I should log in as, rather than using THEIR dialer. So I am not having the MSN Experience. It is like I am stealing bandwidth from them and then dropping a sack of coins in their mail slot.

From an IM conversation last year
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Penalties for not cleaning up

So the Little Fayoumis put dishes in the "rinsed and ready to go in the dishwasher" stack without rinsing them.

I made him come and do it Right Now, and when he got back to his (unpaused) game, he'd been fragged.

Such is life.

I wonder if a rule that states "If you start gaming before your necessary chores are done, your game is subject to immediate turning-off and all your unsaved leveling-up is forfeit" should be put in place.