August 8th, 2004


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Naomi got to come out and do geek stuff at work today.

She's inherited the Azzgrin, which is unsettling but still worksafe.
Eris Raven, Marah

Ah, my (other) little fayoumis...

Happy birthday, eris_raven. This is only an educated guess, as you were about six months old when amberite and Sis and the Little Fayoumis and I found you dirty and starving on the wrong side of town too late at night a year and a half ago.

Be well, little meep. You've been a very good friend to me.
running, bomb tech


Groggy as hell at work. Didn't fall asleep while monitoring, though it was a close thing. I almost made othercat sodaspew at lunch, and she came very close to inducing some snort-sandwich-out-nose. So, general hilarity.

It feels very weird to be included in a monitorhuddle between shifts. Very weird indeed.
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running, bomb tech

Happy Lunatics, and tired Darksides

Wound up calling Darkside, who was zonked from marathon gaming. He had the right words, as usual, to make me giggle about life. I'm always able to better articulate to him the things that I haven't yet been able to articulate to myself.

It's such a relief to finally realize that while I may be fundamentally a Lunatic, I am not fundamentally Hopelessly Screwed Up. Collapse ) It's perfectly typical to develop insane-seeming coping mechanisms to deal with an insanely intolerable situation, and I'm healing.

I got to giggle about recent social developments, and go into a little detail about how I inadvertently helped someone cheat on their new monogamous partner. Yep, still bitter, though it's more of a habit of being Highly Annoyed. I still call highly unfair.

Yes, I really am lucky to have found a best friend who can whack me over the head with a textbook (lightly, not to cause concussion) when I really need it. I've expressed the same to said best friend. :)
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