August 10th, 2004

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Girls' Night Out

Hit Denny's with Sis. We had fun. My brain is going: I wasn't able to hold a conversational thread for longer than a minute. This isn't a good thing.

We had fun, though, and that's what counts. Flying bishies!!

My shoulder has been hurting since last night, I blame the boobs.

We wound up going to the evil place to get me a new purse, and also Qtips. We wound up getting somewhat more than that, as per the usual.

Now, we crash.

It is morning.

I, for once, am reasonably awake and coherent. My shoulder is unhappy with me and the whole world still.

On the bus, and was just seated between a fellow reading Lyon's Pride and another reading New Jedi Order: Balance Point. I am a stealth geek.

Headd to the plasma place. Got a late start: I thought my alarm was set a half-hour earlier, and then I had to sort things into my new purse. Some aspects of it are stunningly poorly designed: there is a wallet that is supposed to fit inside a little socket in the purse, yet it is a struggle to fit the empty wallet back in. I shudder to even think what will happen after I have transferred inside all my cards.

Today I am scheduled a tetnus booster. Sis anticipates that I will be in a considerable bit of pain. I think I'll do just fine.
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Finished Sophie's world today. Nice book. Not earthshattering for me, but very nice to get a history of philosophy. There were a few things that hadn't been previously covered with me, so I'm glad I've been introduced to those.

It would be nice to read the wordplay in the original. It reads like there is some there, and I feel vaguely left out at not experiencing it. Hazards of being monolingual. I do pick up scraps of language here and there, but only enough to get me in trouble.
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when the abnormal is not remarked upon, it may become commonplace. When the commonplace is exclaimed about, it becomes ridiculous.
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I'm stewing over some little tidbit about reincarnation that isn't in a form that I can articulate yet.

If one can't prove it or disprove it...
If it's something that either one must experience or not...
If cause and effect, and even time itself, are perspective-based...
What is a soul? Can one measure the soul with a tool, or must one experience it?
What are the criteria for similarity in souls?
Identity is a matter of experience and choice to identify, as one changes over time.
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Pain, and the Lunatic

This is the breaking point.

yesterday my shoulder felt like shit. today too. did not feel so bad earlier. feels bad enough now i have put in sling and am consequently typing one handed. called in sick; yesterday called in personal.

will go to place later on when a little less shaky and more sane. there are people out there.

right arm. dammit. am right handed.
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Well, that was useful (not)

"a bit of a nap" turned into four and a half hours of being utterly out. The urgent care place may be closed. I'm going to Google them.
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Oh, yes, very useful.
They close at 8. It's 7:47 now. Not going to get there in anything approaching "on time". Tomorrow, then. This isn't an ER moment, it's just uncomfortable and I've been taking ibuprofen when it gets bad.

I'm not really much for pain medications. The only times I take pain medications are generally either when I'm having my debilitating cramps during Bitchy Witchy Week, or when the only decongestants I can find come bundled with unnecessary pain medication. (This last is a lot. Now that pseudophedrine is used as a raw material in making nasty drugz0rs, you can't really find it by itself.)

The fact that I'm taking pain meds over this should tell you a lot...
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Product test & review

Picked up an M&Ms M-Azing bar last night, in hopes that it would resemble the Smarties bar that wibbble kindly shipped us.

Sadly, I didn't read the label closely enough, so I was surprised at the crunchy. Decent, but Krackle's still better.

Sent feedback:
No chocolate-in-chocolate?

I picked up an M-Azing bar at the store because my friend once shipped me a Nestle Smarties bar from Scotland and I absolutely loved it, and I thought this would be similar.

Nice try, but I don't think I'll go for M-Azing until you have an M-Azing bar with plain chocolate mini M&Ms inside. I can't stand peanut butter, period, and "crunchy" leaves something to be desired.

The outer chocolate is all right but nothing to write home about, typical bland pale brown grease that passes as chocolate in the States. The M&Ms inside are typical crunchy M&Ms in content, though in the flying-saucer shape rather than the avacado shape, and about 3/4 the size of normal flying-saucer shaped M&Ms. The outer layer of candy coating is thin, and the inner layer of chocolate is very thin.

If you like crunchy chocolate bars and crunchy M&Ms, you'll probably enjoy this. If you like crunchy chocolate bars but are ambivalent to disdainful of crunchy M&Ms, you still may enjoy this. If crunchy chocolate bars are not your thing, don't even bother. If you don't live in the States, this is probably irrelevant, and feel free to ignore.