August 19th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Magicgeeking fun

Something turned on, and today I've been working on my magicgeeking document. It's now up to 31k in a WordPad file, without any of the stuff I'd collected for it before today. I may have read extracts to amberfox while we were on the phone; I read bits to Sis as well.
Eris Raven, Marah

Conversations with cat:

eris_raven: *lies down in front of closed door, pawing at it*
azurelunatic: "Does the cat want out?" *goes, opens door*
eris_raven: *trots away from door, sits down ten feet away looking expectant*
azurelunatic: "Cat! Out!" *points to cat* "That means you!" *points to door* "That means there!"
eris_raven: *observes this politely*
azurelunatic: *chases her out*
eris_raven: *strolls out lazily, twitching her tail as if it were her idea in the first place, because, of course, it was....*
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bleeding, Ryoko

Busy busy busy

Plasma, book group. Current plan: get quarters for laundry. I'm running early, and we're out, and I need to do laundry.
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running, bomb tech

From the discussion of Sophie's World.

The big problem is that everyone is focusing on answering the big question without determining the little questions.

The Socratic method works for teaching philosophy as well as science.
flaming, angry

Dear Near-Complete Bitch...

Dear Bitch,

I don't know what or who gave you the idea that it was in any way all right to smoke in the indoor laundry room in our apartment complex, especially with the window closed. Fuck off, and die of lung cancer.

Thank you for putting that shit out when I started wheezing audibly. As it is, I'm registering a complaint with the office in the morning. Too bad I don't have your name or apartment number. I am still unsure as to whether you put the damn thing out because I was wheezing, or because the thing had burned down to the filter.

You're not one of my friends, you're not going to be one of my friends, and I seriously doubt your worth as a human being.

she who has to fight a will save against vomit when in the same close space as cigarette smoke.

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