August 21st, 2004

running, bomb tech

Notes on things: the book, the day, assorted people

Had to dig up information on the Christopher Little / Etzioni plagiarism issue in "Communitarianism: A New Threat for Gun Owners" that I discovered a while ago to cite it properly in the current book I'm writing. I'm using this case as a case for looking up the original source materials of anything you read on the web or cited elsewhere, just to make sure it was cited correctly. I was bored, so I did it; you don't have to be bored to do it.

Day: kerplop.

Woke up before my brain did. Went shopping. Brain was pastede on yey. Drove Angel around. marxdarx was my co-pilot. Came home. Crashed hard. Was feeling like I'd already used up too many of my personal interaction spoons for the day. Called in personal. I think I'd made the right decision there, because getting through the evening was rough, even though it was theoretically a fun-filled evening out with the family. First, I'd gotten the information on the meet-the-teacher meeting down wrong; it was two hours earlier. Dammit! So then we went out, and there was trouble finding the place we were going to go eat (in addition to tension based on pre-existing issues). It was an evening that wound up being full of extraneous social awkwardness. Notably, the Little Fayoumis was on near-perfect behavior, due in large part to the fact that he didn't get very much of a chance to get bored (and as soon as he did get bored, I diverted him by pointing out the really pretty light fixtures).

We all wound up being a little too zonked to go out for dessert out, so I took the car and hit up Trader Joe's for Ben & Jerry's. By the time we got back from that and I got the power bill check written out, all my face-time spoons were gone.

Got a nice chat in with amberfox about chunks of the proposed book.
Hugs to assorted people, most of whom know who they are, including but not limited to certain mage-types who know what "angstwanker" means, certain instances of the type "hotlips", certain priestess-confessors, and certain Bastard Operators from Dell. (If, of course, current mental states allow for huggage and all that.)

Mmm, bed.
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Stupid computer shit vs. the Lunatic

I've been having problems with AzureBlue syncing properly. The journal entries backdated the other day, and what a bitch it was getting those in was the tip of the iceberg. Since then, I've had stuff on there not get into the desktop on the computer and not into the fucking Y! shit, and stuff I've put on Y! not going into the fucking palmtop.

Goddamn it.

Stupid motherfucking machinery, and this is new.

And IE's been acting like an utter cunt all day (the non-gendered version of this, I hasten to add; I've been hanging out with Scottish men too much) and I'm getting sick and tired of spyware, not that I wasn't already sick and tired, but today just seems like much too much. I would like to spend some face-time with the designers of spywayre: namely, my foot, their face. That, I've got the spoons for.

Hooray, SpyBot Search & Destroy; hooray being able to kill processes that are taking up evil amounts of attention via the Task Mangler.
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running, bomb tech

heh. (work, spoon, late)

In light of last night's posts, quoting the Matrix to refer to my energy level I think means bad things.

called in late. am late. Feel late.
running, bomb tech

not my day...

I knew this wasn't going to be my day.
When Sis gingerly knocked on the door of my room and proudly displayed the baklava, I started laughing.
"And how many walnuts are in that?" I asked, when I was able to speak.
(Sidenote: I shouldn't have walnuts. They tear the inside of my mouth off.)
Sis started apologizing. She hadn't even thought about walnuts...
running, bomb tech

All becomes clear...

What's been wrong with my spoons? I'll tell you what's wrong with my spoons, and why it's getting better right now today pronto.

Collapse )

So this is only to be expected, belike, and should be clearing up pronto, because it always does. Mutter-mutter-unpredictable-long-cycle-mutter...

Meanwhile, do I have enough spoons to face her family? Or should I not and say I did. Or, should I not and say I didn't.
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Okay, now I don't feel so stupid for listening to sad space songs when drunk anymore, because my eyes still leak when I'm perfectly sober.
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