August 27th, 2004

twilight, Fairbanks to Phoenix, two worlds

The cycle of life: clothes

The dark corduroy dress that I termed "the Seska dress" in high school has passed on. Sis has it now.

Life continues.
running, bomb tech

Cunning & Evil Plans

I wonder how much Ro's organization needs a perky, cheerful person who does not mind dealing with people, who is capable of being very efficient and organized with Other People's Stuff.
Eris Raven, Marah

Goddamn Fleas

A week or two ago, that blasted cat, or what I am educatedly guessing to be that blasted cat, was harboring fleas or something. I got bitten on the legs and arms and was very much not happy.

The first bite has almost entirely faded. Collapse )