September 5th, 2004

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Can anyone recommend to me some good, and powerful, toys?

Warning: ensuing comments may not be work-safe.
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Geek genderbender

In my lofty position as chickfriend to an assortment of geekboys, and also geek and liking the ladies myself, I consider myself both in and out of the position of Actual Female. I have Female Perspective on some things, but I don't consider myself in the class when I'm giving the geekboys advice on the ladies.

's weird.

Part of this is because I am not standard-issue female, and some things that typically work on the subset of "the ladies" that they're going after just don't work on me, and some of the things I utterly dig are not things that their special interest subset of "the ladies" just don't dig.

It's weird.
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Head-breaky status

This latest in the round of head-breaky things for me has settled out. Realization has been realized, Darkside knew it a long time ago (as usual) (and he asked why I thought he'd been teasing me so much on the topic...) and I shall be continuing as before, intentionally, for intentional results.

Which is what I'd planned on doing anyway, what I'd felt like doing, and Friday I was able to sit down with myself and work out the logic behind it, and that's sound.
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Parent/Child Bonding Moments

The Simpsons was pre-empted for Jurassic Park. I didn't see that in the theatres, of course, when it came out. I saw it at CTY somewhat afterward, and I remember cooing over the parent/child bonding moment in it towards the end.

Namely, when the Mad Scientist is trying to put the muzzle back on the baby T-Rex, and then the big one shows up, and then, well ... nature takes its course.

It was so cute!

It hasn't lost any of the cuteness factor in the intervening ten or so years. Sheesh, that's technically an old movie now.