September 14th, 2004

wild rose

Anatomy of a Hair Ornament

Last night, I had my hair pinned up with my bone hair stick. This is a pretty little thing that has a four-cornered Celtic knot as the end-piece.

It got stuck in my hair and tangled as I was relaxing, and it was uncomfortable. I was also getting snuggled. I did not wish the hair ornament to become a danger to my snuggler, so I removed it.

"It's stuck in my hair!" I grumbled, and poked about to dislodge strands of hair from the end, and then pulled the hair stick all the way out.

Mr. Shallow was taken very much aback. He had only seen the tip of it, a bone-white piece smaller than the first joint of his thumb. He was not anticipating that I would have a six-inch SPIKE concealed in my lovely long dark hair.

I was good, and only snickered a little at his discomfort.
wild rose

Girly Stuff

I found my dark purple lipstick today, and wore it to work. I have sparkly lip gloss (Strawberry Garnet Glaze). I normally wear that. Sometimes I wear that with other things. That looks really cool.

I found one of my old necklaces also. This is the lovely little glass heart, the one with the pretty little roses. I bought it with a purpose, and after I bought it, I asked the person I trusted most in the entire world to please place the ornament about my neck for me. It's a symbol of faith, not in the gods, but in myself, and my own true will.

I should probably get my camera up and running again so that I can take a properly lovely Hair Shot so I can have a proper icon to use on all my fluffy girly stuff posts. There will probably be more of those forthcoming, because I think Marah and Naomi are teaming up.