September 18th, 2004

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Work again: testing, Reiki, and that blamed insurance survey

Zoomed in to work nearly late. Cracked Halloween costume jokes -- mentioned the year before last, where Sis and I had been skyclad. (She was wearing a reproduction of Van Gogh's Starry Night, and I was in pale blue with clouds and a sun.) Assorted groaning. The general thought was that for Halloween, I might actually wear bright color. (I may do one better -- there's that white dress with the blue flowers in my closet. That ought to be sufficiently "normal" ... )

I wasn't monitoring today, but I got sent to the very back row of computers on the Market Research side of the room. (Remember when the West side of the room was all Customer Service?) I was testing. There was a new survey, evidently, and Rev. Nice Super was having us do Computer to Paper and generate test data.

The lady next to me had never done testing before, and she was dreadfully lost and confused. I was not able to help her out with much. She really needed a supervisor showing her the ropes, and that wasn't me.

Usually testing zooms past, and this wasn't really an exception. It was a dreadfully long survey, but I am assured it will be better when read, because there were a lot of the fiddly little 1-10 scale questions for multiple companies, and while those are a bitch to test, they fly past when reading them. I may have found some bugs; I may not have.

trystan_laryssa was half-dead by break. I offered Reiki. She accepted, and then perked right up. Evidently my technique is nice and smooth. (Thanks again, amberite; and this time I'm actually using your right name, typed as displayed! :-P)

We only got a little more time testing after break before Rev. Nice Super came around again and told us that we were done testing! I finished up my test and we started in on the survey about the insurance people already have. I got two and a half in less than three hours, which is good. I am very professional with that survey, and I like it; most people loathe it. I get complimented on my technique by people who hated the survey. So I rule.

Super G was running that job, and evidently he forgot about us. The quiet lady next to me went out and asked about something and very quietly told us (well, me, since the lady next to me on the other side wasn't listening) that we were done and could go home; Super G came by at 10 'til 9 and apologized and shooed us on home. Evidently the rest of the people on that job left a long time ago.

Hooray for hours, though...
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Sleep, and other mythical beings

I came home tired. marxdarx and Hippy Dave and the Little Fayoumis had had a great time watching Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow together (whee, trigenerational male bonding!) and Marx recommended the movie to me.

Sis had made cookies. Mmm.

I had planned to get to bed early. Unfortunately, a stupid stuffed nose and stupid body chemistry voted against that. An hour after attempting to crash, I got up again, just as Mr. Shallow was signing off IM (probably to hit bed himself). Argh?

So. Bored Lunatic, awake...

Maybe sleep will come if I go lie down again?
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In which subway preachers get their due comeuppance

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exhausted, tired, Azzsleep


I've been feeling uncertain since Wednesday, was grumpy on Thursday, was utterly sniffly and miserable at work yesterday, and today -- I am Sick. Not in a drastic or demonstrative way, just quietly sore, stiff, sniffly, and utterly without energy.

So I am not working today. The idea is that I'll be fresh and full of energy when they really need me monitoring tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm going to be drinking a lot of water and hot tea and reading, probably quite a bit in bed.

It's cold in here, so I'm wearing the wonderfully and fearfully striped cozy socks that boojum sent me so very long ago. Ahh, the teenage years...
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Whee, stormage!

Rain came up suddenly, after a day of clouds and blowiness that I mostly missed. I zoomed outside and soaked up rain, which may or may not have been a good thing.

Wind. And rain. Hooray! I like storms!

I do not like sinus congestion.
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Saturday call

Got to talk with my senior bondmate for a while today. 26 minutes. Much giggling on my part; some unaccustomed distance on his (related to the first, I have no doubt); I hope to re-cross this gap again, with time, patience, and the right words.
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Amusingly, my junior bondmate is chonologically older than my senior bondmate.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

Antisocial, and the 8 year old

Both the other grown-ups crashed early, and I (ill and therefore antisocial and sore) was left in charge of the child. He is old enough to play by himself, but it was chilly and rainish outside, so there was a feeling of catharsis in the air -- not the best atmosphere to be alone in if you're not solitary by nature (or, at least, feeling like being in company with someone in preference to being alone with yourself).

Of course, I was antisocial and sore.

We managed, somehow. I think I managed to convey that it was a stretch for me to even have my door open at that moment, much less be talking with him at a distance.

How am I going to manage this when I have kids of my own?
trust, best friends forever, snot-nosed brats

Health & safety

I am utterly blessed. I can mention to my senior bondmate that I have not been feeling well, and how, exactly, I have not been feeling well, and he will fuss over me mildly and give me advice and generally make me to feel cared-for.

That means a lot to me.

Even though he isn't my mother.
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