September 19th, 2004

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Perky Morning Lunatic (hooray)

Just as I suspected, taking it easy yesterday allowed me to wake up early and perky, awake and ready for work. (Um, eek? I'm usually not this perky in the mornings...)

So, I shall soon be off to work and steal underpants, though I may need massive doses of coffee to get me through the day. Or tea. Mmm, tea.

(My senior bondmate is corrupting me. No fair. <azzgrin>)
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Happy Fun Work Anger

Monitored today. I forgot my mondo water mug, but that turned out to not matter, as it was cool and damp in the morning, and nice and rainy coming home.

I monitored the Problem Child first when I got to the job that he was on, and by the time I was done, I was too angry to be able to tell whether he deserved just the one bad mark, or more than one. Things that are Not Done: hanging up on the person without thanking them for their time. Things that he did? Yeah, that.

In comparison, even the nest of gigglefaces over on $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB were a cakewalk, even with all they were doing wrong.
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Happy Lunatic, Happy Maniac

Called Darkside. Chatted. Giggled about stuff. Shared the subway-preacher vs. SHOW TUNES story. Shared the thing today with the Problem Child. Shared the thing that I was arrghing about last night with John.

He shared a few things too, some personal ones and the adventures of his gaming group Friday night. Star Wars campaign. Nice Jedi-boy. ;)

Why is it that is almost always takes us at least ten minutes to pry ourselves off the phone with each other?
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How much "lunatic" is really me, and how much is public persona? How much do I put on talking online, and how much do I really reveal of myself here?

I'm going mad again.

What if I don't want to be thought of as completely bonkers insane? What if I want to be just another ordinary person, nothing remarkable about me, somewhat dull, somewhat frumpy, perhaps a touch eccentric, but nothing markedly different?

How much of my perceived insanity is really inherent in me being me, and how much is my name and my persona? How insane am I really, behind the mask? If I didn't pretend to be absolutely loony, would I suddenly become ravingly and horribly deranged? If I tried to be normal, what would jump out of my mind's dark shadows and start eating things?