September 24th, 2004

Housewife's Lament


There are some things that make the Lunatic very happy, and one of them is getting new useful items. Today was a very good day for that. First, I noticed that I was not half so broke as I have been considering myself to be, thanks to an unexpectedly low telephone/internet bill, and good paycheck timing. Second, I got things.

I was a little late getting to the 17 bus, and had to wait 15 minutes for the next one, so I dropped into the drug store on the corner of Central and McDowell and found that they had some fine products by Wahl there.



I've been wanting one of those for a while, and I'm glad to report that they are just as fine as reputed to be. Accept no cheap imitations!

I was dumping garbage in the dumpster when I noticed an item in the area, suitable for being recycled. I examined closer -- a small drop-leaf round table, somewhat grungy. I've been wanting a dining room type table for a while. I was gleeful. I carried it inside and went over the top with a metal scouring pad and water first, then with a rag and a little water, and finally with more rags and dust & clean spray. There is no good place to put it, of course; I have consequently parked it in my closet with Things Stacked On Top.

Tables are useful. I expect that we will probably pull it out occasionally. I have wanted a proper table for a very long time, and this one, while slightly shaky, definitely fits the bill. I can sit, in a proper chair, at a proper table, and spread stuff all over the top. I am delighted.
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I found that I am in need of an icon featuring both of my bondmates. This is not great, as while I have images of my junior bondmate, he's also loath to have his public identity linked with his "Mr. Shallow" identity. (And yes, he knows he's called Mr. Shallow, and he thinks it's amusing and apropos.) So I opened up Paint and started scribbling.

So far I have a rough symbol for each of them, and my symbol, and the blue glow around me, and a rough representation of the bonds. My bond with Darkside is still very well represented by the rainbow ribbon cable. My bond with Mr. Shallow is not as thoroughly explored, but is represented by a grey tangle of string-like things.

I think that this, or a refinement on these same principles, will serve admirably.
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