September 26th, 2004

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marxdarx was having problems with his new attempted installation on the new hard drive -- NTLDR not found. Reboot?

I stepped in, Naomi stepped out, and she made with the smackity to the boot order.

Order was restored, and the installation commenced.

It is not enough to power cycle blindly. You must power cycle with knowledge and intent.
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Spirals on the ground around the city of chalked ground. Everyone did it -- from engraving and painting at the airport to kindergarten chalking. Open with a documentary on it, and then getting more interesting and weather and someone like Figment. I can tell I need to write him out of my head.

And the guys who were obsessed with the Lone Gunmen and so therefore styled their answering machine scheme after them.
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Surreal Mornings

Poor othercat is having what sounds like a very surreal morning. She is sitting across from me, so I get to overhear all the fun. It is certinly very fannishly amusing.

First there was the call for a Mr. James Potter. Even though he wasn't the zombie father of The Boy Who Lived, it still required the intervention of a supervisor. Next was a call to a Mr. Moody. Constant Vigilance!

After that, she went away from the computer for a few moments, and when she came back, the Master of Misinformation had taken her chair (leaving her seatless). She reclaimed it, so when he came back, he had to go to another area to get another chair (hopefully an unoccupied one).

Eventful, eh?
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Happiness, of the Lunatic/Maniac (gen) kind.

Called. Interruped the Empire, striking back.

Darkside told me about how game on Friday had gone. (Hee. What's more geeky than gaming? Having a gamer explain the current game to you, and listen with all delight and happiness.)

Naomi got sympathy with her just-past-current Tech Support moment. Have I ever mentioned how utterly delighted I am that I have a bondmate who can not only understand the technical issues that Naomi gets tangled up in, but also accept her -- accept us -- just as he accepts our front? Better, in fact, because he refuses to accept the surface layer that I present to most of the rest of the world, and requests of me that I not pretend everything's all right if it's not.

And we can mock end-users together. Hee.

Yes. I am well-cherished indeed.

He doesn't know if he can make it for Halloween, but we'll see, closer. I intend to see him soon.
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Room-cleaning, and Fayoumis problems (small)

Silly Little Fayoumis.

In other news, I'm shuffling things about in my room once more, for more actual bookshelvery (how stable this will be, we have yet to see) and more floor space. What I really need is floor-to-ceiling modular bookshelves, automatically indexed.

The wood cleaning/dusting spray smells like Lemonheads. I managed to get the smaller bookshelf cleaner than it's been in a long time. It's drying, now. I have candles on. I hope to load up the bookshelf soon -- all the books are languishing on the beanbag chair.

I also need to get the package with the skirts and the jelly shipped off to Alaska soon. Perhaps Wednesday? That's a good library day as well.
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Whee, shopping!

Azzie's Sis and I went shopping. It was with my money, so I got to pick out stuff. And I had to be responsible because we don't get paid for another one week and five days, and the rest of the money is supposed to be for rent and for saving.

And we saw horses when we were driving home. And Azzie's sis and I talked about horses. Mrs. B. (the one who was in the car accident) had this palomino stud and he was the one who cribbed, I remember. And she was talking about palomino studs, the one who was a pain. And I talked about Oaf, who is a gelding and not a pain. And Azzie was rolling her eyes inside and telling me that I was talking about horses and that I would stop liking horses when I started liking boys. But I won't start liking boys. That's boring.

And Azzie says I shouldn't say "asshole".

And I want a shredder. And I want a printer.

Azzie says our face looks different when it's me out.

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Bad geek pickup lines

I want to get graphical with your user interface!
Want me to perform an INSERT INTO on your database?