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Work, and how much I rock

I was on the phones again today, and wound up getting three surveys in the 2.5 hours I was actually working. It was the difficult survey, the one I was on the other day when I got 6 in 5.5 hours.

I only actually was on the phones for two and a half hours because first Fearless Leader Monitor pulled me for a 15 minute meeting to go over the new time use form, and then Quiet Geek Super called for volunteers to go home at 5:45.

Did I mention that I rock? The Mistress of the Front Office was impressed when I mentioned getting the 6 in one shift.
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Voter registrations

If you're a US citizen, one who is legally able to vote if registered, and you are not registered, get your ass up and register before it's too late. While naturally I'd prefer if people voted the Shrubbery out of office, I prefer that people vote for who they're voting for because voting is an important part in a mass-participation republic. I don't care if you vote for Kermit the Frog, as long as you cast a vote that makes sense to you. (See? I've avoided both the "vote your conscience" and the "vote for someone who has a chance of winning" snarls there, because "a vote that makes sense to you" can cover either of those.) October 4th is the registration deadline in Arizona. I'm not sure about other states. Even if you forget to register until the day of the election, register anyway, so you'll be registered for the next vote.

With the advent of quicker counting technologies (Alaska uses something akin to the infamous Scan-Tron now, which is shiny, damn fast, and has a paper record to back things up) and the internet and things like's demonstration that well-organized grassroots efforts do too work now, because they can work fast, the political process may well change within our lifetimes. I was deeply impressed with the inadvertent distributed denial of service attack on DC's switchboards when there was a coordinated call-in campaign regarding a sneaky little bill on media monopoly. These days it tends to take a natural (or unnatural *lights a candle*) disaster to generate enough incoming phone calls to take a switchboard down. (I don't think we actually crashed it, because those things are robust and designed to handle a massive amount of incoming calls, but it definitely did clog the works for a while.)

ataniell93's suggestion that political and financial conservatives take back the Republican party from the neocons is actually a viable one in this day and age. I'm not a Republican, and never have been (I was politically clueless until the age of 15 or 16, and was still easily confused on party names until age 20, at which point I learned that when my roommates were cheering, it was for the Republicans and the Shrubbery, and I was not cheering the Shrubbery even if my fiancé was) but someone in or formerly in the Republican party really ought to do for the Republicans what has done for the Democrats.

In fact, with organized grassroots (not astroturf, but not quite genuine grassroots -- sodstrips?) politicking, I think a multi-party system could start working now. Anyone want to bring back the Whigs and the Tories?
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Dreams: Call Center Hell

Dreamed I was in a call center, and Mr. Shallow was about. For whatever reason, Mr. Shallow and I wound up utterly naked, and inadvertently violated the terms of my year. Yikes. I was not happy about that, though it felt soo, soooooo good.

There was something about babysitting, and bags of meat scraps, and not cleaning up, and cutting the tops off the metal bars. Mr. Shallow and I escaped and hid in his apartment or car, and someone was after us, and transfigured us into something?

It was an odd dream, and I'm very relieved that the year was not actually violated, and I have gotten the warning to be very, very careful.

I also could be falling in love, but that's a) only natural, b) somewhat redundant, and c) approved of by my senior bondmate, d) not likely to cause problems.