October 6th, 2004

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Work and similar derangements

I was very tempted to call off work today, but I prevailed, and had a nice shift both monitoring and on the phones. I gave two regretful minuses, both of which were overturned.

One of them, I still think the phone goon should have known better; even though the phone goon didn't know better, the computer was misprogrammed, and didn't screen quite properly.

One of them was a person who was doing a great job other than a little bit of technicality that I was somewhat on the wrong side of. Pink Shirt Guy Shift Ops Super came in and discussed that one with me, and I learned that it was in fact Good Survey Practice, so I delightedly said that in fact that should be a plus instead of a minus, and in fact this plus over *here* should be changed to a star.

Pink Shirt Guy Shift Ops Super was delighted too.

I got done with my people -- almost. I went on break after getting the 2nd monitoring session of a needs-further-assistance person done, and the C to P for the new job with the screening skip error (two birds, one monitoring session) with two more left to re-do. I came back, and neither of them were about. I checked in with the monitor in charge today; she told me to start cleaning up and tell her which booths it was so she could make sure they got done, and then I could go check in with the Seat Assignment Lady and see if she had any work for me.

There was work indeed. I got shuffled off to work on one of the professional surveys. It was nice being on the phones. I had a bright and happy tone of voice, and got three surveys in two hours, which is decent work, but hardly my best.
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More tech smackity: troubleshooting webmail/palmtops

Figured out that the problem where I'm logged out of my webmail unexpectedly (which has lost me at least two e-mails to the Star Creche, both having to do with the probable functionality of an LJ community for same [extracurricular reading list only, a convenient aggregator in the community's friends page, very low-volume, and only seeing posts as new members arrive/get LJs]) has to do with my palmtop's communicating with same service. Post hoc ergo propter hoc only, of course, but ... there are some things that are coincidence, and there are some things that are not.

This is not, in my judgement, coincidence. Especially not after I've downloaded a new version of the sync-up software.

I love being able to troubleshoot systems I'm using, even if the responsibility for the troubleshooting lies with someone else.

As I discussed with ralmathon over IM earlier tonight, I have gained a place in the departmental tech hierarchy at work. I'm now first tier tech support -- if a technical problem occurs and they can't get their brains around it, they get me. Then they go to the part-time geeks in the bullpen. If they can't get it, IT gets called. Before, the hierarchy was bullpen, then IT. Now they've got, however briefly, a once and future tech professional in their department, and they're taking advantage of that.

I can see ralmathon as being an Elder Geek, years from now. He just has to get into being a Junior Geek first, and work his way up. That's the problematic bit.
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Freewill of the wank week

Taurus Horoscope for week of October 7, 2004
J. Edgar Hoover headed the FBI for almost 50 years. While many admired the way he transformed it from an amateurish collection of hacks into a formidable law enforcement agency, others regarded him as a paranoid control freak who gave police work a bad name. Even U.S. President Lyndon Johnson had a strong ambivalence towards the man. Asked by The New York Times why he didn't fire Hoover, Johnson replied, "It's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in." Consider making that your motto in the coming week, Taurus. There may be persons in your life who will serve you better as problematic friends than unpredictable adversaries.
Oh, my poor dear... *hugs*

Gemini Horoscope for week of October 7, 2004
Your passions renew you. They link you to the primal life force that some people call God and others refer to as kundalini. But when you get consumed in the numbing rhythms of the daily grind, you sometimes lose touch with your passions. I think that's dangerous. So how can you stay connected? That's exactly what you should be thinking about most in the coming weeks, Gemini. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: Pay close attention to every little thing that captivates your imagination. Be a connoisseur of the magic moments that light you up. Become an expert in knowing what excites you.
Geekage. My beloveds. Writing. Teaching, especially teaching the Little Fayoumis. Creating. Not being bored. Helping people. Having people like me. Having people Get It.

Cancer Horoscope for week of October 7, 2004
A character you could justifiably call "Swamp Angel" will help you get down and dirty this week-and I mean "down and dirty" in the best sense. You're deep by nature, Cancerian, but you may have never been as deep as you're going to get in the next few weeks. Swamp Angel will be just one of several influences urging you to dive beyond your previous levels. By the way, I suspect that while you're exploring the depths, you'll encounter some paradoxical pleasures that aren't what they initially appear to be. To assist you in preparing for them, I'll tell you what I heard a little boy tell his father in a grocery store today: "I'm a monster, but I'm a good monster."
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Drip fixed?

Our apartment's chiller unit has been nothing but problems since day 1.

It's finally stopped dripping, I think. We've had people in and out looking at it all fall. The worst bit was when nasty brown water was going out of the thing, through the ductwork, down the wall, and making a puddle on the floor of the west bedroom.

The paint was bubbling and everything. It was nasty.

Everything seems to be OK now, after several rounds with the professionals and the local experts.
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The Dell website still shows my router as "in transit to local carrier".

Local carrier showed up at the door about an hour ago with one box for marxdarx (eBay stuff), and one box for me (Thalia's router).

I am stoked, because Thalia shipped one day after the router, and should therefore be showing up tomorrow. I think Thalia's coming via UPS, as the router came via UPS, and only the mouse and Norton are explicitly stated as coming via DHL.
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Investments: printer

I like having assorted money set aside, even briefly, so that I can make timely purchases.

The rest of the household is setting up an eBay affiliate business of some sort. Needed? To fax something somewhere. Also needed, just in general? A printer.



I am also very proud of myself for having been able to drive myself to Fry's Electronics solo at night. Back was not a problem, but there was. Even though I overshot Thunderbird and ended up on Bell, I'm still very proud of myself. I did it. All by myself. There was a very near moment with someone braking unexpectedly ahead of me and someone behind me -- and I was able to swerve into the other lane deftly, and there was no problem. I am glad I have years of shopping-cart steering with nary a collision; I'm glad Angel turns like that.