October 8th, 2004

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Busy Loony

Thalia and I are getting to know each other. I'm introducing her to Firefox and Spybot S&D. She's introducing me to XP. Meanwhile, I'm introducing my laundry to the machines meant for it -- currently, the dryer.

I'm very excited about having a laptop who will actually be able to function as a laptop.

eris_raven is excited about all the new boxes.

I now know exactly what I got that little end-dresser (seriously, it looks cross between an end table and a dresser) for -- it's Thalia's perch, and all her stuff goes in the drawers.

Am I terribly geekily romantic in that both my bondmates are getting their own logins on Thalia?
teddyborg, geeky

Moving in

It's always interesting, getting a new system, and setting things up. It's nearly as involved, for me, as moving residences is. I have to make sure everything is where I put it, and that I know where my brain parts are...

There are all these programs I use without really thinking about it, on a day to day basis, and it's really odd not having them there. Prosthetic foreheads, and sometimes it's my real head that I touch by accident.

Thalia's closer to set up, now. My laundry's done. I have yet to migrate the important files; I have yet to install some of the key things; I have yet to explore my directory tree. I have my colors on the system, and have gotten rid of the godsawful XP theme; I like square corners on things. Square corners rest my eyes, where curves lead it around in unfortunate circles, dizzying.

I hope to see my bondmates soon, and show off my new treasure, let them log in as themselves, let life do its little works. I had too much coffee at the writing group dinner; this shows in my late night. Isolation comes standard with this set. How many computers does one woman need? The reading I did last week showed that if I got this pretty box, I'd become more isolated from my roommates.

This screen is large by my late standards. I like it. I like not having to fish around on a tiny screen. I like having room to shuffle things around.

I'm procrastinating doing what I know needs to be done -- move everything in, shuffle folders again, pretend that this is the last computer I'll need to move into. I know I hate moving each time. I know I have my senior bondmate's sympathies, and his kicks in the arse. I'm going to move all my music on here. I have a vast CD library, vast for someone of my habits, and I'll rip it all to my own computer so I can hear it at will. I like this machine already, and once I have it set up as I desire, it won't be so hard to move into my eventual desktop. If I continue this current scheme of naming, if my whimsy hasn't shifted, the desktop will be named Mnemosyne. Yo' momma.

I'm even getting some mending done. pyrogenic, moonberryq, remember that black bag I carried around at CTY, the one that always had everything in it? I got that from Quilting Aunt. I still have it, and it's just the right size to hold a laptop that doesn't have to be coddled too much, one that goes inside a backpack's padded bit. It holds books and all, and it's a good library bag.

The music moving is proceeding apace. So many CDs to rip. So many things to listen to and decide if they deserve to remain on my hard drive for the moment.

I look at my room from a different perspective, when I'm sitting in a different place, at a different computer.

This computer's power connection has gone sane. It's a standard States DC plug now, not some Dell-specific bullshit. This makes me happy. I'd be able to get a generic replacement.

I know I'm going through a hermit-phase. I am weirded-out to be on the short-list from anyone's mental Rolodex, even if it is a bondmate's.

Everyone is now able to add comments to their user pictures. W00t, verily.
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Lunatic Stress Test for Thalia

So far, Thalia seems to be up to the task of handling me and my computer use habits. She's not really fazed when I want her to be playing music, ripping music, and surfing the web all at once.

Of course, this is without having any word processing open, and without having my usual browserload open.

So, we shall see.
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Brand Loyalty (and the Lunatic's hair)

It takes a reasonable amount of effort to get the Lunatic to actually exhibit brand loyalty, versus a preference for one brand over another based on familiarity.

Today I finally had my preferred hair conditioner (Aussie Mega Conditioner) in the shower. I put on a small bit, and the brush slid right through the knots with ease, detangling instantly. With three times as much of the low-end brand, I still have knots, and Pantene isn't much better.

I like having long hair, but the stuff tangles so very easily, especially if I've been in my element for any extended length of time. (Wind loves my hair, and it makes my hair embrace itself tightly.) At this length, I'd started getting bad snarls. Then I went shopping, and all the knots left. Hooray!
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comfort and happiness

I am now sitting on my beanbag chair with Thalia on my lap. eris_raven is lying sideways on my real computer chair, looking at me and asking me, "brrrrr?", which, I infer, means, "So when are you going to pet and/or feed me, Human?"

All threats to upgrade/replace Thalia with a newer, shinier, larger-hard-drived desktop should now officially include the phrase "Yo' momma".

Also, the music software has recovered songs from my scratched CD, the first CD I ever bought for myself. That is some serious sentimental value there.
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Snuggly Laptops

A warm power supply in a laptop in a slightly chilly apartment makes for a snuggly laptop, especially if you're in your favorite beanbag chair just so.

I view my laptops not so much as people in their own right, but as guardian spirits attached to places. I "live" on computers. I work on computers. Hm, perhaps I should make myself different logins for "home" vs. "work"...? But computers are both person and place.