October 10th, 2004



When I close Thalia for the night, I put one of my CD cases on top of her lid, to discourage certain long-tailed grey-and-white ladies from sitting down and curling cozily up on top of her.

Calico-my-palico does not need to be sitting on my computer. It was cute for Rurra on the couch. It is not cute for a cat on a laptop.
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Bookgeek: Living History

Living History, by Hillary Rodham Clinton. Interesting book, interesting woman. I went from neutral on her to actually liking her and her style. I don't think I'd be suited for front-row politics, but I think I might enjoy being support staff for someone who was.

I wanted to hear more about her role in investigating the Nixon affair. I would like to read a book solely about that. She reminds me very much of Anne, from Stranger in a Strange Land, in her legal role. It's an odd comparison, but it works in my head.
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Customer Feedback

Yahoo's customer service sucks donkey-ball bubble tea through a vacuum cleaner hose.

I got a chance to say so, on a 0-10 scale. It helps that I deal with those on a daily basis and know how to weight my answers for maximum wallop. I expressed my dissatisfaction with canned answers and the real issue not being addressed, and my dissatisfaction with the condescending tone of the help pages.

I am an obnoxious customer if I feel that I'm not being paid proper attention.
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Babysitting work!

Once upon a time, there was a Lunatic. And the Lunatic went to work, but almost late, so she had to walk very very fast to get there on time.

And the Lunatic was a wallflower, so the Lunatic went to wait in the break room. And while the Lunatic was there, the Lunatic heard a nice rational support of Bush: Bush Senior did good things for immigrants from Mexico, so this guy supports Bush Junior.

I gently mentioned that I didn't think that Bush Junior was doing as good a job as his daddy.

The guy who looks like Evil Mick but isn't made the noise and said, "I don't think either of them did such a great job."

I whispered to him, "I was trying to be diplomatic." Heh.

And just as I was resignedly shuffling up to do the survey on beer, the Cute Chick Monitor came up and asked if she could pull me to monitor today -- the Trader Joe's Queen Monitor was out.

So I monitored.

There were people. There were a lot of people. There were a lot of people who needed just that little bit of extra help. Problem Child was a main feature of the day. I discussed Problem Child with the Cute Chick Monitor (who was the shift lead, and therefore it was Work Conversation, and not just idle gossip); she has noticed that Problem Child is a problem as well.

Stuff happened, and things. I learned new things about technicalities and what's a problem and what's not. Problem Child is doing very well at skirting the edges of what's acceptable, but he's still very problematic, and will very likely one of these days go over the line.

I was exhausted when I got home.
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Buggers (XP)

Sometimes, when the ripping program files one track and goes on to the next, it mutes the system until the volume is adjusted again.

The mouse still goes out when I let the system go to sleep.