October 21st, 2004

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It was fun having V over here. Thalia was pulling double Muse duty, and we listened to random music. V got to see R.E.M. in concert on their most recent (current?) political group tour in Florida. She brought ice cream (Hagen Daas, yum -- chocolate chocolate chip and Rocky Road) and we shared and had a great time.

I really need to socialize more often.

V got a Gmail invitation from me, thus giving her half again as much storage space (yeah, her laptop's only got 2 gigs!) and delighting her no end. Whee!

She's coming by tomorrow to configure her palmtop to sych up to her laptop (and, possibly, to some online stuff as well). I'm a good geek to have as a friend, evidently. I told her what files not to mess with, the best way to uninstall stuff, and gave her a handy shortcut to the Control Panel where she can find it easily.

We'll see if everything stays where put. Her laptop is funky and very oldschool. It doesn't have blinkenlights -- it has an LCD status screen that tells when it's plugged in, when it's talking to the disk, and everything like that. I may actually look to see if I can't find that model sometime tomorrow.
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    "Talk About the Passion" by R.E.M.
running, bomb tech

House Cats

It's so very sweet to see my cat curled up on the pile of nearly-defunct old couch cushions. I like having a cat about, after growing up catless. They're so warm when they're sleeping.
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    "Ordinary World" by Duran Duran
running, bomb tech


Dreamed I was on a bus and some blamed DeVry recruiter type was pestering me, and I was rude and she was going to report me to the Dean for being rude, even though I was being treated to what amounted to spamming in public places, which is ruder, first.

Then there was something going on in the Great Hall, and Kermit-my-ex and BJ were both there, and I was walking past BJ and he shouldered into me on purpose. I got angry, and later on he wound up in a cardboard shipping box bumped around a lot, and given tools to see if he could hack his own way out. He was trying pretty hard, and cracked into the system that he administered (some big power switches), the help line for them, and put out the allcall for spare parts.

Part of me (the me part of me) sort of wants to reconcile with BJ, but other parts of me don't. Marah needs some more time and a pro, and Dagger will not reconcile unless she's given a writ of certification from G-d (and evidently also Jesus and Mary) that the kid is Safe (which she says she won't get, because he's a Warrior gone bad, as if wibbble were to have gone bad; even if BJ goes good again, he'll still never be Safe).
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Typing without glasses means typos.

Pesterming -- the obnoxiousness of someone who keeps telling you to admire their antique vase.

Publich -- the sort of undead who hangs out in a tavern.