October 22nd, 2004

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Ditching the Readers

Theoretically, I was going to go to the book group today. Instead, I ditched and went for the writers' group. I was happy to have done so, because it was a good crowd tonight.

New people, even.

V showed up late, but that was OK. We had fun. I got my new stuff from The Necromancer's Prayer read. Evidently I need to keep working on all my WIPs so my group members don't go mad.

It was a loud Coco's night. We're regulars, so we can get away with a lot. Tomorrow is easalle's birthday, so there was celebration. There were approximately three conversations going on at once at all times. I had Thalia out, and kept typing away on the book. I am driven right now, and expect to remain so for the forseeable future.

I drove V's car to writing group, despite the rain and bad traffic and all. I am l33t. She had to dash off to run errands (dogsit/catsit, etc) so was therefore late after the dropping off of me.

Josh was our server tonight, after much of our schedules not meshing. Glee! After a request for more creamer, he brought out an entire pitcher full of the little creamer cups. I missed some of the play, but V wound up squirting one all over the one new girl's jean jacket. Jokes were made about it being a deadly weapon in her hands; I topped that with an evil pun: Collapse ) Josh took a creamer and an empty glass Collapse )

I love these nights. We're all in for nanowrimo.
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Being mean to characters

Alia's mom was the one to hit Alia with the Clue Stick about her emotions vs. relationships. This evolved out of The Dreaded Conversation about childhood disasters. Now Alia and Drew are paranoid and clueless, and Randy's in the middle going, "Oy vey, why me?"

Right now, Chuck is the only halfway sane one, which was not where I anticipated his character being. I swear, I only added Chuck to foil Randy, and he's now one of the centerpins of the whole unstable dynamic. God. College relationships are so high school.

Right now, Randy is about to be gravely disappointed, and Drew's going to get her chance to point and laugh so that they'll be cool as soon as the second semester starts up again.
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Slashy! (It's all in the subtext.)

Drew is giving subtext for Randy/Chuck slash. I love doing this.

Also, I must restrain myself from singing along with this song at the top of my lungs when it comes on the playlist. I react like this to high-energy songs that I've performed in the past.
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A good day's work

I got in some 3,100-3,200 words in during the past 9 hours.

Now it's time to knock off for the night.

Maybe I'll get it done by Monday.
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I'm still lost. Go, me, for getting this far without an outline. I'm not sure what is happening next. I think Alia may wind up in the hospital briefly.