October 23rd, 2004

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"I like eggs."

Work: monitored.
Short shift.
Rev. Nice Super rolled up a couple legal-size sheets of paper and wandered around alternately bopping people with them, playing them like a flute, and singing "I like eggs."

"I'm so glad I'm working with a bunch of adults," I said.

Rev. Nice Super threatened me with his egg-flute-bopper. I was standing inside the bullpen, and (coincidentally) there was a newspaper on the top shelf of the bit I was standing at. I rolled that up and brandished it.

"Now, enough with the violence," Rev. Nice Super said.

"Backing down just because mine's bigger than yours? Hee, hee," I said. (I'm still a bit of a Good Girl at work, plus, there were still people on the phones.)

Got 500 words this morning. Slacked off this evening, and read Mac Hall instead. (Bruno and Boots would fit in there, actually...)
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Work and stuff

I zombied into work half-conscious this morning, and was so very glad that I was monitoring. I zoomed through the only two people on the first job I was monitoring, then waded through the people on the job that was formerly calling Las Vegas, and now is calling other places.

I finished all of my people before lunch, and was about to ask the Old Lady Monitor for some more work when Problem Child waltzed in, fifteen minutes before lunch, and 45 minutes before he was supposed to show up. I monitored him, of course, because he was on my job. Once before lunch, and then, once after lunch. Hee-hee.

I am starting to try and blot his exploits out of my mind, because he's just so very obnoxious. I smile at him when I see him; egocentric twit probably thinks I have a crush on him, because he is handsome on the outside.

I wound up sitting with Figment on break. He and I continued the discussion about the Kermit the Frog for President campaign -- we are very much agreed that we're not going to let politics get in the way of friendship.

Between one thing and another, even though the shift went home at 1:30, I left at 2:45, because there was so very much clean-up, and I was the one doing most of it (everyone else was validating).
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Shopping with V

V surprised me by calling and leaving a message, and e-mailing me for good measure, asking if I wanted to go on our shopping expedition to Sprouts today instead of tomorrow. I decided this was a good plan, and she showed up somewhat belatedly (having gotten entangled in a game of Solitaire or two). Off we went!

Sprouts is awesome. Imagine Trader Joe's tripled in size, with less quirk and more bulk dry foods, and you'd have something like it. Whee! V and I were ecstatic. I wound up bringing home rye flour, an onion, Jordan almonds (a newly discovered weakness), sour gummy worms (for the Little Fayoumis, who likes sour candy), a new baster, some Turkish-ground coffee, and some R.W. Knudsen Family kiwi-strawberry juice (another weakness, and far better than the Arizona Iced Tea kiwi-strawberry travesty that I was formerly enamoured of).

Sprouts has perfume. The good perfume oil type. Mmm. And for around $6 a reasonable-sized small bottle, too. I am highly tempted to get the new kind that I discovered I loved.

Hooray nifty things.

I also must someday introduce V and my Fayoumis-clan aunts Guide Dog Aunt and Aunt-Fayoumis, because V is quirky enough to be an honorary Fayoumis-clan person.
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Please note that I don't often wish for other human beings to die.