October 30th, 2004

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Sleep schedule

My insane sleep schedule now thinks I should be going to bed at 5 in the morning. Agh.

If left to my own natural schedule, I do tend to get up sometime in the late evening, write through the night, and then go to sleep as the day starts to heat up.
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Saving throws and cellphones

Darkside can't make it for Halloween here.
Failed saving throw against tears.
Was blindsided by his programming my number into his cellphone (his own commentary on having not done so before was amusing) and telling me he'd call me back.

This is Darkside. I'm surprised the words "call you back in a bit" are allowed to come out of his mouth in that order.

He gets to see a side of me that's a lot more social-seeming than most people are allowed to see. I told him who did, and didn't, trip my "Ack, there are people around!" response. He doesn't. Dawn doesn't. ralmathon doesn't. Sis sometimes does. Marx does often. The Little Fayoumis does often enough. Mr. Shallow doesn't. digitalambience does. yaksha42 did.

It's high time that the guy got faced up with the fact that how social I may appear around him does not necessarily apply to how social I am with random strangers. He met me when I was in a social mood (you wouldn't believe how many times Sis had to invite me to come join them in the mornings before I did) and he managed to get past my defenses, and... yeah. It takes a lot to get this close.

Overhearing Darkside and his mother shopping is one of those things that makes me grin. (He called back.)
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Avoiding the Lunatic

Please indulge my paranoid whim, guys, and do tell me if you're avoiding me for any reason. I do wind up paranoid that people are avoiding me, because, as I point out on a regular basis, I am a lunatic. I don't currently have any outstanding paranoia about people on LJ avoiding me, because I don't tend to see LJ people on a regular basis.

Me thinking someone's avoiding me is liable to make me paranoid and frantic. Someone telling me they're avoiding me will lead to me sulking off to the corner to have a good long pout, but I get over the pout relatively swiftly. I don't get over frantic paranoia very fast.

This post is brought to you by a cleaning-up of the mental closet and one bondmate's obnoxious schedule.
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Turns out my silly blonder half thought that there would be People here, and he wasn't up for that. Also, the timing was screwed, and there was a miscommunication on timing.

So he's not avoiding me.

He's avoiding People, and (again) he's only used to seeing his friends 1 or 2 times a year. I pointed out when it was last that I'd seen him. I'm pushing for 3 or 4.

It's all good.
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Convincing companions to join the insanity

Despite my polite entreaties, Darkside will not be joining us in the NaNoWriMo insanity, and he thinks we're slightly mad to be doing this.

It was worth a try.
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Got ice-cream for the household. It's nice and cool outside. Most Arizona people are dressed up in sweaters and coats and all.

I have just been incredibly mean to a pair who couldn't even manage being star-crossed lovers.
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Hooray! I'm done!

The Necromancer's Prayer is done. The rough draft, that is. When December hits, I'll probably go back to the beginning and tear it up and add more things in, but the story has been finished. The narrative thread runs through.

I'm very happy. This is the first time I've ever finished an actual book.

I'm smug. I'm perky. I'm bouncy. I love myself. I love the world. I'm fit to explode. Now I want to tear it all apart and fix the crappy beginning before I let anyone else shred it.
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