October 31st, 2004

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Happy new year/Samhein/Halloween!

Happy new year to all my assorted pagan friends who do the Samhein = New Year thing!

Happy Samhein to everybody who celebrates same!

Happy Halloween!

Happy day-before-nanowrimo to those doing that, also!!!!!!


I'm going to be The Cheat this year. I made the costume last year, and I just had to do a bit of repair on the mask.
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Braindead Moments

There's a reason I leave this necklace on and nearly never take it off. I'm not saying that was the primary cause of this afternoon's unpleasantness, but I do think it was a contributing factor.

In any case, everything's been resolved right and tight, and I'm feeling much, much better.

Sometimes I lose sight of the reality of things, I'm so busy getting upset because I've trapped myself in my own idea of how the universe is working. I'm glad that I have such an excellent bondmate who can deal with me no matter how odd I get; I'm glad I have such excellent backup in iroshi and amberfox; I'm glad Sis is such an excellent roommate and understands about thse things, and gives me rides to the library when I'm still crying too hard to drive myself.
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This has to be some sort of record, incidentally. Darkside has called me back 3 times today:

I called him, first. He had to leave to go shopping, but called me back on his cellphone while doing same.
I called his home number and got his dad; he wasn't around.
I called him and left a message on the voicemail asking him to please call back as I had a question. He called back; I asked my question and he answered it. We made it brief because he was expecting another call.
I called him and left a message on the voicemail asking him to please call me back (because I was absolutely wacked-out nuts). He called back and everything was cleared up, complete with him pointing out my self-esteem and its misbehavior.

When I pointed this out to him, he couldn't count and thought it was only two, so I had to enumerate each.

Did I mention I picked a good best friend? If only did not keep falling apart...
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Eris Raven, Marah

Cat Nicknames

Multitasking on the phone with Darkside yesterday -- he was checking job possibility e-mails; I was petting my cat.

"At least you're not going 'oo my wittle schnookie-wookie...'" Some jokes involving a cat's skill at chess, and the likelihood (or not) of a cat ripping off one's arms when being a sore loser, followed. "So you wouldn't have to let the schnookie-wookie win."

He threw an exception, later, when I attempted to call him "schnookie-wookie."

This morning, Sis claims that I demonstrated that eris_raven is a one-person cat. She tried to pet Miss Raven, and little greyface backed up and gave her The Look. I called my kitling over by patting the bed next to me, and she snuggled up and got petted. Sis tried petting her, and she got The Look again, and once I stopped petting Eris, she bounced away as if propelled by springs.

Evidently this means that eris_raven is a one-person cat.
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I dragged out an old package of fake cobwebs and spent a few enjoyable minutes stringing them up around the frame of the outside of the front door. They look really nice.

We may actually get little beggars looking for handouts this year.
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I have 11 minutes of sanity remaining to me until December.