November 1st, 2004

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A numbers game

Instead of trying to squork the deadline by writing the bare minimum of words a day, I'm going to schedule myself a nice five-day work week, writing-wise. That way, I'll be aiming for 5,000 words a day (if I sit down and do it, I can, seriously) and if I get behind, I still have two extra days in the week that haven't been figured in to play catchup.

I'm figuring Tuesday will have plenty of drawing-board activity, but not much actual novel. That's OK. When I have a good outline, I can really clip along, and I really like doing outline when I'm bored.
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nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

Working hard, or hardly working?

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,418 / 100,000

Into chapter 2 now. We'll see how things go.

I am going to need more time plotting this, I think. I'm expanding the incidents as I get there, but I need more. Aaagh!

I'm looking for embarrassing things that teenagers find themselves in, the nightmares you wish you'd never lived in high school era. The worse, the better. I'm trying to make these things compound embarrassments. One humiliation is not enough.
nanowrimo, nanowrimo 2007

Massive Embarrassments

I'm looking for potential Embarrassing Moments to hang my plot around.

My story? Beatrice and Ben are friends. Their friendship consists entirely of embarrassment for both of them. They meet at a summer program focused on the arts, and wind up going to school together the next year. Their friendship will play out from embarrassing moment to embarrassing moment, and hopefully they'll both gain some much-needed life experience in the process. It's a coming-of-age story, I suppose, only with Dreadful Embarrassment as the gimmick. Comedy, of course, because I don't think I can write about teenagers without having it turn into that, like it or not.

I need things that any teenager would just about die rather than have happen to them. As a start, I have Beatrice stuck in the ladies' room with no TP and an unexpected period (and white jeans) when this boy walks into the wrong bathroom. I also have hairdye mishaps, food fights, biohazardous shoes, and of course being dumped and illicit public drunkenness lined up for them. What else?

(Current word count: 3,400-something.)
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