November 11th, 2004

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"How to make a toilet: the fun way."

"First you find a cat. Then you find the toilet. Then you put the cat in the toilet. The next answer is, put both lids on. The next answer is, you flush the cat in the toilet. And you make sure no one is at the door. And the last answer is, you open the toilet, and you see a sparkly cat and a sparkly toilet. But don't smell the breath of the cat, because it's been in the toilet so long."

By the Little Fayoumis, aged 8.
Little Fayoumis, Nephew

More "the fun way" with the Little Fayoumis

How to keep cats out of trouble: the fun way.
"The first answer, you try to catch the cat. The next answer, you punch its head. The next answer, you try to put soap inside the body, and put glue so the skin can stay dry until it's together. The cat will be fine. Then it feels nice and warm, and then it goes to sleep -- in the toilet."

How to play with kids: the fun way.
"The first answer, you find a kid. And the next answer, quick, you put it in the laundry washer. And then, quickly keep it closed so that the kid won't open it so easy. Then, you put the quarters in, then you turn on the washer. The next answer: don't mind if she's screaming. It's just an enjoy laugh. Now you can make the easy way of a kid. And every time you touch the kid, don't, because it's very very very hot. And don't mind if it's going (noise), it's just enjoy. "

I think the Little Fayoumis's "the fun way" series is pretty scary, in the way that only 8 year old kids can be scary. He's also very punchy-tired, and doesn't have school tomorrow. We've already had plums, brownies, sandwiches, jelly balls, Jordan almonds, and chocolate covered cashews. He bounced off things, hid in pillows, and spanked me. We also cleared up an issue that he had, a little misunderstanding over soda. He really likes plums. They are his favorite fruit. I pitched them to him as being similar to sour gummy worms (which he loves); they were sweet and sour as advertised. He ate half of the first one, then asked for more later.

He decided it was bedtime just then, actually, and went off to brush his teeth (again) and go to bed.
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Crash Post

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
23,339 / 100,000

I wrote like hell today and barely made 3,000. Ow, and argh, and more ow. I was so very not inspired, but I cranked away. Argh, ack, and evil. IM was fun. Maybe I'll get more when I get some out-of-the-apartment time at the women's center tomorrowish. I really need to finish the 50k by Sunday night to have a prayer of finishing the 100k by the end of the month.
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Something I judge to be the typical cat moshing brought a lamp crashing down -- it may have come down today.

The lamp was shattered in large chunks, with some small fragments here and there. I looked at the break, and I felt the texture of the clay, and I yowled in outrage at the shoddy workmanship. This clay was only fired once. It was fired straight from dry to done, not paused at bisque somewhere in between and allowed to reach full hardness.

Then I giggled at myself, because only the mildly potterygeeky daughter of a potter would yowl over such a thing.
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Veterans' Day (again)

Thank you, David Schneider.
Thank you, Chuck Gaster.
Thank you, tsjafo.
Thank you, assorted other people.

While I am highly suspicious of the military in general, I recognize that it happens, and has happened since the dawn of time, and I maintain a healthy respect for those people who choose to participate for the protection of those who can't or won't fight for themselves.
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Willow House Night

Willow House has wireless. Why am I not here more often?

easalle, after some finagling on my part with the computers, has been connected to the internet via Thalia. She doesn't have a wireless card, but I had a cat-5 cable and a wireless card. Hee. I love my life. I love being a geek. It took some doing to find the right settings, but I did some whacking and things happened. I had trouble finding where to share the wireless connection (blind), and some IP address problems (Thalia reset herself to but hey. Hee.

I love being a geek.

My word count is suffering from the microphone that the poetry's being read through, but I shall soldier on. Ben has repeated the Squirtgun Incident. Hey, Will Nash from West Valley High School in Fairbanks, AK, 1994-1998, if you ever Google yourself and stop by here, remember that thing with the teachers' meeting after school let out that year? I put that in, if somewhat different... Heh. I'm evil...