November 12th, 2004

running, bomb tech

Writing is fun.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,033 / 100,000

I got thrown a little off-track by the sheer loudness at the Willow House, but got back into stride after a while. Next time, I'm so totally going and taking over in one or more of the non-smoking rooms, because I came out smelling hideous, with most of my nose-receptors dead. I'm also bringing incense, if we're sitting in the smoking section again.

There was much fun plotting evilly with freshstartwrite. easalle and azwriter (not sure which of them first) came up with the idea of a National Novel Writing Month reality show. Take however many demographically and literarily diverse writers, give them all brand-new laptops and all as an incentive, install them all in the NaNo House, and let the cameras roll and the word count climb. Bwahaha.

We got to the writing group early (I was late for being early, because of unforseen delays having to do with high pulse at the plasma place) and wrote; we went off to the Willow House early. Despite being online, I managed to get a lot more done bookwise than I thought I would; I'm still short of where I wanted to be. Having people to bounce things off of is excellent, very incredibly excellent.

I think I'm going to be at the Willow House more often, just because it rocks. Whee!

I stayed late, and went home just about when midnight was starting to crack.

I still have bits of Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday, to crank it up to 50,000. It's looking slightly more feasible now. Cool.
Housewife's Lament

Screen Door

Our screen door has been busted since damn near day 1. Today I finally got pissed off (again) when the thing fell off the tracks when I was trying to open it (the living room was overheated and stuffy) and marched into the office to fill out a repair request.

Now, the usual thing they do when the screen door falls off is to put it back on. I went all Monty Python parrot sketch on the "description of the problem" part of the form, and wrote a short essay about the deadness of the screen door (wheels shaped like triangles, plastic bits broken) and stated that putting this same door back on again was not a viable option.

We'll see if this finally works.
sad, greensad

Home Network Design for the Grieving

Figment's wife died last night. (As a consequence, those of you who work with us may not see him at work for a while.)

I'm going over to dustraven and trystan_laryssa's to be there, because I can taste that I'm needed (though Figment's going to need all of us more), and spend the night there before going to work in the morning. In the process, I'm going to try and give dustraven some proper network design there.

I'm not expecting to get jack done on the story today as a consequence.