November 14th, 2004

bleeding, Ryoko

Crashie fun

Went on the phones this morning. Sanity was poorly booted up this morning, and crashed around 9:00; I rebooted it with some coffee or acceptable substitute at 9:30, and managed to keep it running until 10:00, at which point I judged that I was in the last 20 minutes of my driving safety, and should go home immediately, which I did.

Extraordinary circumstances: life does not usually include the minister functions kicking in, and Rev. Nice Super missed the clergy-call cluebat where all I really needed was a "Hang in there, Rev. Lunatic, and thanks for doing your job," from a fellow minister.

Now. More sleep. Sleep is good.
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A bad couple days for writing -- Friday with people dying, and Saturday with dealing with the aftermath/lack of sleep/shopping. Yargh.

Writing really is like a second job, and there are only so many hours in the day...
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Fuel of Choice

Cheap black sweet tea, two bags per pot, with a packet of Celestial Seasonings "Orange Zinger" herb tea. Iced, or hot.

Hooray, fuel.
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Azzgrin, Azure: Lunatic, crazy

Spelling mnemonic

What do you call the danger you're in while walking through the cats' forest?

Leopardy jeopardy.

Maybe I'll remember it this time.
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loud fayoumis

Well, that was exciting: car problems. Semi-unrelated, fannish friends.

Sis's beautiful car Angel was attacked sometime earlier today-ish. It was fine when I came home from work. One of the neighbors reported that the windshield wipers were going. The car proved to be hacked up some, which made for some very exciting moments.

We've called police, insurance, and assorted friends of the family. Officer Rude (who's actually very polite) is poking around and doing arcane interesting things.

Bright side of the thing: I got to get my geek on with Clover's anime-fan son Beta. There was a vein/sweatdrop moment, but peace has been restored. Note: when you've got someone who mentions that they liked Fake enough to explicitly hunt it down and buy it, going all woogity over the moral standing of the premise is Perhaps Not A Good Plan. Likewise, there were some ... interesting ... moments when I finished reading an otherwise very cute little fanfic of his. Vein: mine. Sweatdrop: his. ROTFL: his mother's.

Fortunately, Beta, unlike the Viking (who made a similar misstep) had the grace to bow in abject apology. Beta and I are cool with each other; I shared some of my fanfic ("The Prisoner", "Uninvited Guest"), and some of the very most recent bits of cuttingrmfloor with him, and much laughter happened. Something tells me that I'd better stick to gen and het when sharing fic with him, however... Mutual respect is a good thing.
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