November 23rd, 2004

wild rose

In which the Lunatic is very, very hyper, and makes an amusing observation. Also, work & life.

Angel's still down for repairs. Much with the driving.

Monitored and validated yesterday. Trader Joe's Queen Monitor came in while I was being my usual smooth phone self and commented that wow, I made her look like a grouch in comparison. Hee. I worry about Old Lady Monitor's memory, because she was intending to assign people to me that she didn't actually assign to me. Ooops.

I was hyper all yesterday, and am still reasonably bouncy today. Yesterday, I was hyper to the point where I was giggling and flapping my hands in the air madly between validation calls and being scarily bouncy. I had a lot of hyper and nothing to do with it. I think I scared/intimidated othercat a little, mostly because it was the most hyper she'd ever seen me.

It's official: seeing Darkside in person after having not seen him in a long time, and having some more time with him scheduled, and furthermore being invited to a Family Function, gives me the same type and intensity of Serious Energy High that very good sex does.

amberfox: "<G> Imagine if you ever got both. We might have to stuff you in a bag until it wore off, for the safety of the world."
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wank me a river, Enki

The world is collapsing around our ears; I turned up the radio.

On the drive home this morning, I heard that there were election irregularities in the Ukraine, and lots of people gathered, in Kiev, to protest and/or just be there and be loud.

I found it a scary sign of normality that there would be difficulties in that part of the world. I grew up hearing about difficulties in that part of the world, and I think that, really, given what I know of the area's history, when there are difficulities with a lot of people making noise about it in the former USSR countries, it's business as usual.

My giggle-moment on hearing the news item was a purely Fiddler on the Roof musical-geek moment, as I was saying, " Kiev!" to myself, very inappropriately.
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teddyborg, geeky

Computer Cleanup

Today, I clean Tigereye physically, mostly removing the keys and cleaning the dust out from underneath them, and making sure there are no grimies on her anywhere.

Tomorrow, I get a new keyboard, and commence with making sure that no inappropriate data is left on her. All my good data has migrated over to Thalia, but I do have some old braindumps to post backated and private so that the rest of my life makes sense in context. And while I trust my best friend with my heart, my life, my soul, and would gladly let him see any of my personal communications (though preserving the privacy of the other parties involved is always an issue), I am not so sure that he would be strictly comfortable reading any given random thing on my computer (especially chat transcripts), especially without my immediate permission or my knowledge that he was reading it. (He's seen some of the private entries in my journal; I've historically made private posts for the express purpose of him reading them when we're in the computer lab and either I can't speak, or I don't feel I can speak freely in the other present company.)

I'm going to leave random stuff there on her, of course, because I know that he'd probably be interested in some of my random stuff, including some of the music. It'll be fun.

She looks so naked without her keys. I have to decide what peripherals go with her, and what ones stay. The mouse should go with her, and a keyboard, but most of the other stuff is my assorted functionality things that haven't migrated over to Thalia yet. The USB hub should probably go with her, since she only has the one port. Decisions, decisions.

I'm also going to check with Marx, and I'll probably be able to drag Lord Mark along as a bonus box. Hee. Geekage. Severe geekage. He can install his favorite flavour of Linux on Lord Mark and play for the experience points.
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old school hacker, bug

Ooo, I found a bug!

Mood icon override: when the entered alternate custom mood text is the same as a "real" mood, the icon shown overrides to the actual image for that mood.

Here, I have attempted to select the "loved" picture, with the text "geeky". Note that the little face is *not* the "loved" face.

Here, I have forced the issue by typing in the text "geeky " (note the trailing space). The little face is all mushy.

Heeeere, buggy buggy buggy...
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