November 24th, 2004

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Monitor meeting today went well. I was early. I was also on caffiene, given that Sis had gotten me coffee in the morning, and I'd saved it until I was supposed to be waking up. I took very precise bullet-point notes to augment my keen memory, and was glad that I'd done so later. Evidently the Senior Geek has been pulled for other projects, and won't be working on any of the monitoring team's projects any time soon. I pouted audibly, in the form of a slew of other suggestions for viable development of the online time sheet project. (I'm wondering if I can't hack something out myself in my spare time to do all the things that the paper sheets do, with some added Javascript screaming-at should the times not add up. At least it would be something, and really, computer to paper is better than brain to paper in some cases.)

I wandered out from the monitor meeting and hung, all be-jittered, in the break room for a while. Motley showed up, othercat showed up, and, surprisingly, Figment showed up, with a fresh haircut and a pall of gloom, doom, pain, and exhaustion over him. He asked me how the monitor meeting had gone; I referred to my notes and gave him the full summary (with some side comments that I could have done entirely without, about my vocal pauses, from Motley). I am far more entertaining than the Monitor Boss, because I don't have to be professional. Heh.

Overtime's coming up fast. I opted for a little, because gods know I could use it. Fortunately, it starts just as nanowrimo ends. I take my first extra shift the literal day after it ends, right when I could use some rest. Oh, and I need to drop in or call in to work tomorrow to demonstrate my willingness to be a RPA walker (utterly distinguishable from the AT-AT walker and other Star Wars equipment).

I was on the phones, and the lag time managed to give me several belated morning pages, and the usual three pages of written cuttingrmfloor material.

Figment explained his Doom aura: aside from the obvious (which he did not mention), he also had a physical exam for a potential new job lead, which exam involved a 12+ hour fast, blood drawn, and physical exercise on top of that. Ow.
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Gearing Up

It's going to be a doozy of a day today. I may or may not make it to the rearranged freshstartwrite meeting, because, ow, stuff, time-crunch sensitive stuff. To wit:

  • Plasma
  • Pick Sis up from work
  • Keyboard
  • Shopping (assorted): (chow dze, possible replacement skirt, aforementioned keyboard, small basket for hiding of lamp replacement sticker for Tigereye, face goo (not time-critical), possibly some cat-5 (but possibly not), ... and I just forgot what the final thing I was supposed to get at Sam's was. Yaagh. Oh. Tampons. Guess what week it is?)
  • Laundry?
  • calling office at work

All that, plus enough sleep. So, oy, and yikes, and oy again.

Also, I drove Little Fayoumis to school yesterday morning because marxdarx was still crashed. (Today, I got home before "Earth and Sky" came on. Go, me.) Little Fayoumis told me that I drove like Beta, the teenage son of our family friend Clover, in The Beast (a truck). I'm not sure whether this was good or bad. (This was apropos of me taking the corner out of the apartment complex a little sharply and therefore bumpily, because there was an opening in traffic.)
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I'm glad that garnetdagger has good driving reflexes. This morning, on the northbound 51 at the Y-intersection merge point just before the (IIRC) Indian School? exit, which has a short Y-merge with poor visibility and a very, very short merge section, which is all in an exit-only lane, there was a very near miss that was mostly due to bad timing and poor highway design, and was avoided thanks to Dagger's very, very fast reactions.

Invert the Y. On the left fork, we have traffic on the 51 at highway speed, though this lane has just come in off the 202 and has not yet had a chance to change lanes into a leftmore lane, because this lane is about to terminate in an exit. On the right fork, we have traffic coming off something else, not quite up to highway speed yet but getting there. We have several cars and not much room in the left fork. We have, appearing out of damn near nowhere on the right fork, about 5 cars that are going to have to not only merge with the left fork, but also get the hell out of the exit lane before it finally does exit. My one panicked reaction was a hurried contemplation on the law of physics that states that two objects may bloody well not inhabit the same space/time as each other, and the observation that the two clumps of cars were about to attempt just this, with inertia and concrete reinforcing the matter.

I'm not sure what the hell happened, but Dagger says it was a really simple thing of figuring out where we could and couldn't go and then going/not going there, but no one got squished. I'm foggy on the details because it was her driving at that moment, and she didn't consider it important enough to save.
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Random Point of Order

Unless you are a keg or something similar, you should not have a bunghole. In any case, TP would only rarely be effective for stopping up one's bunghole, as it is absorbant and would wick out any liquid contained inside the keg.
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