November 26th, 2004

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Thanksgiving in Summary

So. Heh. That was a lot of babble last night.

In summary:
  • Thanksgiving went well.
  • Food was good.
  • Company was better.
  • No one killed anyone.
  • There were a few close moments when Darkside's father made a snide comment about something in a movie, but no one had to leave the room to avoid punching anyone in the nose. Snark about gays by someone who's neither gay nor friendly to the community usually gets met with open hostility from me. I showed self-restraint.
  • I got a headache from too much TV.
  • Darkside and I spent about an hour with me trying to leave but neither of us actually feeling like me leaving. This was very nice, and I got hugged.
  • Much giggling occurred.

All is well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.
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Thankful (in four different flavours)

I'm thankful for having such an excellent best friend.
I'm thankful for all my friends.
I'm thankful for having a happy, loving family.
I'm thankful for having my food and shelter needs taken care of so well.
I'm thankful for my daily gift of breath, and my general physical well-being.
I'm thankful for my assorted artistic-type gifts.
I'm thankful for words, and music, and the joyous juxtaposition of colors.
I'm thankful for the technological progress that makes this modern society, however flawed, possible.
I'm thankful for love, happiness, and hope.

I'm thankful for computers.
I'm thankful for Mama and FatherSir and Tay-Tay and Grandma and my aunts and my uncles and my cousins and Sis and Marx and the Little Fayoumis and Moshie and Eris.
I'm thankful for Darkside and I'm thankful that he's my best friend ever.
I'm thankful for God.
I'm thankful for learning to get the thoughts inside my head out as words and not just pictures and moving my body.
I'm thankful for hugs.
And I'm just thankful.

I'm thankful for cats.
I'm thankful for St. John's Wort.
I'm thankful for people loving me, people who are actually nice.
I'm thankful for loving people.
I'm thankful for Blondie and Ro.
I'm thankful for LJ.

I'm thankful for the bond.
I'm thankful for internal cooperation.
I'm thankful for a secure household.
I'm thankful for transportation.
I'm thankful for trust.
I'm thankful for Darkside and iroshi and that they take care of the girls.
I'm thankful for assorted other people who are around on IM so the girls and I can spaz out as needed.
I'm thankful for life.
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Lunch with Dawn

Dawn, and Dawn's Dave, dropped by, and hauled me out to lunch. We had fun. I got to giggle with her quite a bit. I'd been hoping for a little more just-girl-talk time, but this was all right. Dawn's Dave is nicer when he's calmed down and not horrendously keyed up over his wedding or his fiancée's graduation.

Dawn warns me that if I'm not careful, Darkside's parents might start contemplating weddings without our consent.

There was assorted geekage. I have hugs to pass on to Darkside. I also must remember to update the list of people that the four of us trust with Darkside -- I'd spaced my Big Bro and Dawn.
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