December 17th, 2004

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Lunatic on the loose

After perhaps a week of hibernation, I think I'm what counts as "back". My mind has seriously not been tracking very well from day to day. Having the evening off yesterday (Wednesday evening) to go shopping with the girls was very nice. Having today off to do the plasma thing and go to the writing group and all that was equally nice.

My brain went into freeze-mode, evidently, starting sometime last week. I really do need my weekends and cracks and dribs and drabs of spare time, for sanity. Otherwise, bad things happen.

We really don't want bad things to happen.

Mostly, the bad things that happen involve me utterly spacing crucial things like, oh, say, editing easalle's novel, doing things with V's computer Gemini -- not the spacing that involves utterly forgetting about entirely, but the spacing that involves not remembering to set aside specific time for that until it's utterly too late.

I still don't have AzureBlue talking to Thalia, though that's coming up pretty soon on the priority list. If my journal's my prosthetic memory, then AzureBlue is ... oh, bugger. AzureBlue is entirely possibly not talking to Thalia, because the cradle I have for AzureBlue plugs in to a port that Thalia just doesn't have. Collapse ) Looks like it's time for me to get a shiny little adapter.

One thing that's going to drive me nuts is not seeing the editing that's being done on cuttingrmfloor for however much longer. I'm a sucker for good criticism/commentary, especially when it's on a project I adore, and cuttingrmfloor is certainly that. Brendan: I will be posting more eventually, but part of that depends on my writing speed, and part of it is due to the fact that WP is b0rked at the moment, possibly because it was buggered non-consensually by HP. Yarrrrgh.
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running, bomb tech

Shopping, and boxes

Got a shiny work skirt for $1.25. Very nice skirt.

Mama sent a box. Yay, Mama!

Now I go off to work. Work holiday party upcoming, so photos will show up. Eventually. Wearing holiday-appropriate headband. easalle will know which one.
sad, greensad

Well, doesn't that just make me Mary Fucking Sunshine.

There are some times when I just don't interact well with my roommates.

Case in point: I come home exhausted from work, but with Big News to tell them. Since I'm an idiot, I babble the first, unimportant things off the top of my head, and I wait until they're both in the room to try and tell them that the plans for how they're going to be training me for doing more interesting things have progressed, something I was in the dark on until today.

She's exhausted and has to go to bed Right Then. Disappointing, but I've been that tired too, and I can sympathize. "Tell him," she says, retreating.

"I have to go to bed too," he says.

They get in an argument about dishes that ends up with the air full of unspoken cussing and hostility. I retreat to my room, no longer wanting to tell them about anything.

A good day like today shouldn't end like that.

I won a shirt at the company party -- a very bright white shirt advertising some alcoholic product, one size too small. I lost the shirt on the way home.