December 18th, 2004

Jolly Burner

Bizarre Dreams

I dreamed that I was an AU Honor Harrington who was actually an assassin trying to find some rebels or something. There was some conspiracy and I was after the big fish.

Then I dreamed that flimsy (a member of fandom who I don't know, we've just commented on some of the same posts) was the Secret Identity of my Evil Ex BJ, and he'd stayed logged in as the Secret Identity while sending an e-mail to a bunch of people that confirmed his Actual Identity, so the cat was out of the bag and my sleep-lagged brain was trying to figure out if using the e-mail's "block sender" in this case would block all LJ comments, or just him (I concluded it was OK for blocking just him while asleep, but after waking up confirmed it would block all LJ comments, so I'd need to ban him), and I was furthermore pissed that he'd managed to fool us, because in the dream, flimsy was actually a dorm-mate.

Note to dream-self: why are you on crack?
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    the Little Fayoumis telling me that the Cheat is Grounded.
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Work & writing

They had me on the phones today, on a slow-dialing job, so I gigglesomely cranked out a few more pages of Date Preparations Gone Awry for my poor Beatrice and Richard.

Pet Peve #10101101010101010111110111101010101!00000:
When someone insists on calling one of my characters by a name that doesn't belong to them. Argh. Is it really that easy to elide those two letters into that one other letter? I should get my eyes checked again.

Work plots & plans:
Tomorrow I job-shadow the person whose position I will be learning (and perhaps mirroring on the shifts she's not there). Monday, I meet with the Lady in the Back Room (she pulled me aside Friday, see, and told me this) and the other young woman in contention for the position, and see who gets to be the primary person being trained for the Check-In position, and who gets to be the backup. The backup will go back to doing something else while the primary Check-In n00b is being trained, because it's confusing training two eager n00bs at once.

If the other party fits the Check-In position better than I do, I get supervisor training. I'm not sure what happens if I fit it best; I may wind up having that held off for a while, but I do know they have their eye on me for supervisor training.

I called Mama with the good news.

As always, if I'm the wrong shape peg to fit either of the holes, I already am good on the phones (today I got a break card for 8 surveys on one demographically hard-to-fill job in 7.75 hours) (goal for the day was 17+ surveys, we got 17 or 18, there were 4 people on the job) and I am a good, if verbose, monitor.

There are people who have been at this workplace for years who have remained phone goons with few to no frills. (Motley is a phone goon with frills. And Christmas carols with pigs in. Motley is also a rule unto herself.) I haven't even been here a year yet. Whatever It is, I seem to have picked it up from Sis, who's generally offered a supervisory position within six months of her starting a new job. (I've rubbed some of my general calm off on her, which was very necessary.) This is fun! Fun but scary.

I get to tell Darkside tomorrow.